Weridest music cross overs

Cause my mom went form One Step Closer then gone by Blake s so your weirdest cross over

By cross over you mean just one song to the next? In that case I have lots lol my playlists go from linkin park to reggae to Mexican music to country to weird naruto songs(my lil brother’s fault) to rock haha I’ve jumped genres a lot as time goes by and the music list kind of just grows :nerd_face: oh oh and I have weird musical parodies in there as well


And yes that’s what I mean @framos1792

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My son playlist gose form linkin park then cross over too Country . I just look at hem ask hem how his phone did that.

My moms phone is like that @hilaryfol

I have like Linkin Park then Taylor Swift with some country and one direction. So yeah…

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Ok that is really weird @rorybourdon but it shows you like a types of music

I like all kinds of music. I have Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran, Chris Cornell and some like c list singers I’ve heard in tv shows. I just like music. That’s it

Me too and yeah another death that hit me hard was Chirs Connell my 2nd favorite artist of all time @rorybourdon