Welcome? Am I? :D

I sign up on this a few days ago, but I’m a devoted Lp fan since I was a girl in 2000’s.
I’m here hopefully to find some new friend and share my love for the member of this band, expecially because I have trouble sharing things I love with people that can understand what I’m talking about… you know… just think that I sign up in here just now after all these years .__. silly me

Well, hope to have the chance to meet you all, more or less :stuck_out_tongue:
virtual hug


Welcome to the. Family

Hope you like it here

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Welcome! :hugs:

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Hello! Glad you finally joined, I’ve been here a while too but should have been here much sooner haha better late than never right? Everyone here is great to get along with and you’ll find friends in no time :slight_smile: I should warn though…beware… that spammers and trolls are dealt with mercilessly on here, they suffer an unspeakable fate lol but for the most part you’ll find unicorns and lollipops around here and oreos and flame throwing terminators and lyrical/artistic geniuses all around so hop on to any threads you like and get to know all of us :grin:

Ps:damn…I feel like Willy wonka explaining the factory’s rules lol

Oh oh and beware of meme! She’s as harmless as an old kitty cat sitting on a shady porch on a lazy June Sunday afternoon but she makes a unique first impression :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome! I’ve been a fan since 2000 as well. :hugs:

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Word of advice. @kemika

If you really want to get to know us vist the game thread

P.s. we use the last letter game as a chat lol

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Except me. I remain untouched. LOL

Welcome @kemika :slight_smile:


Lol well you’re the likable exception :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome soldier :blush:

Welcome you are! Like it here you will. Nice here is everyone. Yoda, yoda, yoda… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:️:grinning::+1:

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Welcome to the family!

Of course you are! Welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome in our biiiig caring family! Have a sunshiny hug to begin :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: hehe :blush:

Welcome to the LPU!

Thank you ! You all are really sweet and I can’t wait to get in line with all the threads and the jokes that are running around here! :hugs::heart:


Welcome to the LPU! I’m sure you will love it

Welcome to the lp family I hope you enjoy it here there lots of great people here to have good conversation with and it get good advice.

Welcome to lpu :smiley:

Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you!

Welcome! Hope you enjoy it on here!