Weather and climate

Wind speed increased

There is a reason why @georkost has stopped posting her weather. The temperature in her area is surprisingly lower.

So what? @georkost you can…no problem. Well how low is it? -10 or more?

@Honey8 @samuel_the_leader here is raining for the past 24 hours…it’s 22° C :slight_smile:

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Same …raining since 2days. Around 24-26 here :smiley:

Yup, at least 10°C lower, @Honey8 you jealous now?

No i aint! I am happy with my weather. Its calm and nice here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, they had severe weather warnings in Greece. My parents sent me photos from their holidays, it was insane!

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There is wind and rain everywhere in Greece… for the next 24 hours… But we will soon return to heat!

Rained for 24 hours in a row? (And will for the next consecutive 24h?)

I still remembered when my mother mentioned that it once rained for three whole days back in her hometown when she was small.

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With small breaks of 2-4 hours…but yes…it rained a lot… Last night it started at 20:00 and it stopped in the morning, my daughter thought that I was cleaning the windows with the hose …

same…but still going on here :umbrella:

25 here partially sunny!

You just cant see the sun here.:open_mouth:

But apparently:

We’ve got a dry thunderstorm going here, just thunder and lightning without rain. I love a good thunderstorm.

Thunderstorm over here.

You’ve got rain too?

Yeap! Everything; lighting, thunder and rain.

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