WayCooler Art

This is what happens when I’m bored [biggrin]

I like the first pic, LPU chatroom xD, also the happy couch :D.

yours are so awesome :3

Nasty burger :stuck_out_tongue:

My dinner :slight_smile:

Looks like you’ve been high when creating this ^^

not high but totally bored xD

dang u and ur weird pictures… i would probably be the only one from the lpu who would not use that app

Why everything is scary !!!
When u r bored do some bunny sweet things like ur famous smiley face >> :3 .
Hate u till u make something represent the real sister i know -__- .
Fuk even food [eek] looks scary !

Tell your sister that that is some sexy artwork.

28thART… Hehehe :3

Icemelony : My sister says “thank you” :3
Still wishing Mike will post his art too xD