VIP Post Traumatic Detroit question

I have the opportunity to purchase some VIP passes from an individual. I am not real clear on start times for the event. He’s telling me 7 pm but I thought that’s the regular time doors open and I was under the impression the VIP event is much earlier. I want to make sure that A) We can get there in time. It’s a 4 hour drive in the snow. And B) I’m not getting scammed.

He wants me to pay with a Google Play card from Amazon instead of PayPal, and he says he just has to forward the tickets on email for us to have legit passes. Is that true?

Thanks guys :heart:

Hi there - Hmm, sounds kinda sketchy to me… you should ask the person to send you a screenshot of their email or part of the tickets proving they have them. Check the dates in the email, if it’s from Ticketmaster, etc. Hopefully it is legit!

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I did and he is saying they don’t have the email yet. I know they can come in kind of late, that is true from what I’ve seen from other posts. I just told him to let me know as soon as he gets the emails

They should have an email from Ticketmaster or Live Nation with confirmation that they bought the tickets. I got my email with the VIP details for the Montreal show two days beforehand. I don’t think they’d wait to send the email the day of the show, especially for the PT VIP package, because yeah, they do ask you to be there by a certain time, i.e. 4 or 5 p.m.

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Hey, they ask you to be there at 4:30 from my experience and more to the point-if they are resale tix, you need the original purchaser’s signature and photo ID to show the vip entrance folks! It is a requirement, it sounds really shady in my opinion and as much as you may want to meet him etc, those tix are expensive as it is to have it end up being a scam…
good luck in your decision :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that the PT VIP tickets are not transferrable. I’d try checking on that for sure because all the names are on a list and if your name is not on it u will be screwed.

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I think that might just be if you won a ticket from LPU. I have seen other people on Reddit selling VIP passes. I could be wrong. Not even sure where to check up on it. I’ve tried looking

So they’d have to meet us at the gate in person to transfer?

I think the people I saw receiving an email only hours before the event were the ones who won it on LPU. I didn’t think it sounded right that he still has not received any details

Exactly, I would think he should have received the email by yesterday at the very latest if he had the PT VIP. And yeah, I believe the LPU M&G emails are sometimes sent the day of, so either he’s mixed up or trying to scam you. If he would send you some sort of proof, that would help, but it doesn’t sound likely. So sorry :frowning:

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Yes that would be hiiiighly recommended in my opinion…

Someone in front of me said she had been gifted the ticket and they asked her to take a print out of the persons drivers license and a note saying they had transferred the ticket to her
That’s how they wanted those transfers to work to ensure it was from the right person
So they would be best served being there unless they want to offer up their DL printed along with signature

If I were selling mine, it would be worth it to meet at the venue to sell the ticket as opposed to having it go to waste? Know what I mean? So…if they’re not willing then I’d be very worried about the legitimacy

I’d say I’d give them cash on the spot and maybe offer a little extra for gas if I were buying it

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He says he’s not local, of course. :roll_eyes:

Thanks, I appreciate all the info from you guys. I am disappointed. Got excited for nothing. Still will be an awesome show and very happy to get to watch Mike doing what he loves!!


Yes, I’m sorry that it was a bust, but you’ll have such an awesome time at the show :slight_smile: Have fun!!

Thanks! :heart:

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I know this is an old post and Mike’s tour is said and done with but I wanted to add for future understanding that for Mike’s show in Los Angeles on November 2nd, there were 4 levels of tickets being offered: The Post Traumatic Package, The Crossing the Line Package, TicketMaster VIP tickets and general admission tickets. The day of the concert, I saw resale VIP tickets being sold on Ticketmaster’s website that were not the PT package or CTL package. What exactly were these VIP tickets? They allowed you to join a special 2nd floor seating area along with ticket holder from the other two VIP packages. It was very confusing but figured it all out the day off. Hope this helps others in the future.