Verified email - M&G


I’m trying to enter the M&G for Mikes show in London on 10th March but I only seem to get the information up with a red banner across the top saying ‘you can only enter if your email is verified’? Does this mean that mine isn’t?? I’ve been a member for years now so it must be, right?

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But do you have a paid membership? it costs 10 dollars per year, and then you can sign up for M&G’s.

You can check your membership details under your account and then manage membership.


I had the same problem. I think they usually send you an e-mail where you have to verify the address but I didn´t receive one. There´s another post where someone solved the problem (just search for “verify email” in the forums it´s the second result) but this didn´t solve my problem. I ended up using my other email address because I also wrote a mail to Fullscreen direct but I had problems with answering their mails.