Urgently need help to save lives!

one of the Ukrainian fans and my good friend, ill with cancer, severe stage. I ask for help from anyone who can help!

guy’s name is Dima and he was diagnosed with a terrible illness “cancer” Unfortunately for this disease are not perfect and it requires a lot of money for treatment. Since his parents can not pay the full guise, we appeal to each of you for the help, all you have donated torque can save him. Sign in his position and try to help him! Anyone who is willing and able to help please contact us at HP. I hope in this world there are still good and helpful people!

Bank account number will upload tomorrow. I sincerely ask for help and did not remain indifferent!

dude this is not cheating, really need help!!
Ukraine, Privat Bank
To: Olga Borisenko
card account number: 4405885820375647

Please help!!