Updates on me - university and future project

Hi everyone,

It’s been absolute ages since I’ve posted here, so I’d thought I’d come in with a few updates.

At the moment, I’ve made Chester proud and have finished my first year at TV Production university (one of the things I told Chaz I was going to do).

I’ve also begun the process of making a short film in memory of Chester which focuses on Mental Health and the LGBTQIA community. This film hopes to spark change in the conversation of Mental Health and ways we help those who need it as well as the way LGBTQIA couples are represented in media - this film will show a loving relationship between Adam and Jayden (the main characters) as Adam suffers from Depression caused by abuse from his father for being gay.

The film will also have a trigger warning at the beginning because of the heavy subjects it tackles as well as suicide helpline numbers (will chance for the country the film goes to).

Chester said to me he would love to work with me one day in film… maybe in this way, his spirit is working with me.

The film is called ‘Stay With Me’ and here is a promo image:

Really, this again? I would have thought that after your countless fundraising threads and multiple people saying that they can’t support something like this that you’d give in. Repeatedly asking us for money isn’t going to change our responses. I hope your project succeeds, but this needs to stop, please.


I’m not asking anyone for funds at all… I’m just giving updates on what I’m doing at the moment.

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I’ve already learned my lesson to not ask anyone anymore. It’s just updates. I won’t be posting any links or anything like this.

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I seriously please you to consider BEFORE you set up a thread if you really stand behind it- if not, just let it be.

It‘s only 2 hrs back that you created this one here and now you want to delete it already again? Sorry but this goes over my head, even more since it’s not for the first time- please show a lil bit of respect to this platform- it’s not your personal trashcan…


Okay, okay… it’s only because I only put this post up as an update… i changed it from what it originally was as it talked about me doing a fundraiser next yea (i wasn’t asking for anything), it was taken as that and I just got a lil annoyed at it (kinda my own fault cause of the posts I’ve done before).

It’s just annoying that this is like my first post in almost a year and it instantly gets taken as something else.

I’ve changed my above reply to only include the past threads I’ve done

We do have rules here and every one is to follow them that’s how we keep this place from turning into chaos

Becca? I didn’t know you were here too, sorry for not having recognized you before

I already saw your project on Twitter and I think this is much more feasible than the previous ones

Wish the best for your short film but as you can see not many people would take part to the fundraiser, don’t get me wrong it’s wonderful that you have big dreams but don’t put too much effort and most of all don’t spend more than you should, try with small steps, hope it to succeed

I know… this isn’t even about asking for donations to the fundraiser anyway, it’s just an update on what I’m doing. I’ve already learned’ my lessons from the previous ones I’ve tried to do…

Who are you on Twitter?

MariaLa8600 and all that long nickname Twitter gave me

Nice to find you here

I’ve delisted all the topics you’ve linked. If you delete the post with the links in them, no one should be able to find them again

Thank you so much, I’ll delete my original post with the links right away.