Up close and personal Amsterdam 2017

Hey guys,
I was at the up close and personal with Linkin Park Amsterdam in 2017 where I got to meet chester and Mike and we took a picture. Unfortunately i lost that picture and I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know where the pictures are (they were taken by them, not with my own phone) because I would really like it back :frowning:



Since the migration they took the pics from the lpu events down unfortunately… if you go here


you can see that they are still not uploaded- time to maybe ask @lpuhq if and when we get them back… I’m already waiting too since I haven’t downloaded mine as well - let’s pray… :pray:t2: On the other hand I know that @rickvanmeijel was there in Amsterdam too, maybe he has saved the pics?

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I remember they had a dropbox folder with all the photos of that day. I’ll see if I can find that link in my browser history asap

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So cool :sunglasses:- thanx Rick, would be awesome for @katiri_g :+1:t2:

Bad news. I found the link to the folder but they have deleted the photos: Dropbox - File Deleted

Maybe @lpuhq can give us a new link or upload the photos somewhere else?

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