Unpublished Song feat. Mark Morton (lamb of god)


There is some unpublished stuff from the colaboration of Chester and the guitarist Mark Morton (Lamb of God)

here is the full story: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=13561&fbclid=IwAR1RUJRWJwlNdNbz1BKds-TEqmlDjIUEXtUHN80WZVBAYwHp9lY0rW9bHV8

Mark also said on Twitter, that the song will be published

That’s going to be just AWESOME - I can imagine the screams and the heavy sounds :yum::metal:t2:


Hell yeah! :heart_eyes: I love when hidden and forgotten songs come to see light :heart: still waiting for the featuring with SLASH but I got all the respect for Chester’s family, if they don’t want to pubblish it I’m by their side


@AJ_7 shared the link already in the nifty thread!


can you post the link? I don’t find it - then this topic can be closed :blush:


But no need in closing this thread- people new to the forums may not find it either… so let them both be and hope that it’s not fake news…


Yeah I don’t mind updating on here as well if I see anything! That way if any of us see something new we can just post it on here. Makes it easier for everyone to keep up to date too! :smiley: Thank you for tagging me @theearlywalker :hugs:


That’s cool thank you @AJ_7 :hugs:

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thanks to you two @theearlywalker and @AJ_7 :blush:

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It’s not a fake news Mark said it himself

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the song called 'cross off" will be released on march 1 2019 with the whole album, said Mark Morton on Twitter.

Also Mark gave Kerrang! an interview about all ten songs.

check it out:

sounds good for me


It was leaked hours before…
Chester’s voice is so amazing and powerful


Woah this is awesome is there any information when he made this? I am pretty sure it was during hybrid theory but I am not sure.


Wait so this is a whole album?


@LEUNRPHANTOM Chester and Mark did this song in april 2017. https://twitter.com/lplive/status/852029422374760453?s=21


I can’t watch it anymore, it’s blocked for my country. But I heard it once! It’s a killer, I loved it!!! :metal::metal::metal::metal:

I think that more than a year after his death there will be more and more such cooperations published, we just have to wait :slight_smile: I also heard about a cooperation between Chester and Metallica, they plan to publish it. So let’s look forward :slight_smile:


Here’s the file I still have it! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fcU46MrTgUgpFIpKlnVvF9K-l0DhSQN8/view?usp=sharing


Nicely done! :clap::smile::clap:

It is a great song, I was able to hear it before it was blocked for our country. I’ll most likely buy it once its actually released !


Thank you! I guess it won’t be long before they actually release the song


I had it on google play but after a few days it was taken down. i managed to find a somewhat semi-decent copy on youtube that i downloaded a mp3 version of before it was pulled down. Got it saved on the cloud and my phone and absolutely love pumping Cross Out in the car. I enjoyed this just as much as any LP song. The heavy sound, the intense beat, and chester = Perfection!