Unite and take over

[biggrin]By t he song changing the habbits I changed actually 3 years ago my life. The power of the music from LP gave me power, clearness and strengh. So now I want to take over my part in the community, to become a part of this powerfull community, to bring forward the FSM and the life and workmovement to the world. The last experience with the music, lyrics, videos from LP was, that it gave me the power to get back on my feet after a really tough operation caused by cervical spondylosis, which nearly costs me my mobility. So in addition to my prayers it was at first the music of Linkin Park, the voices of maik and chester, the lyrics from all of them and the SPIRIT within, than helped me to weather my krisis this summer. another asapect is my work with angry kids, LP helped them out and turns them, in what way ever. I’ m looking forward for the hunting party gig in munich, cause i got a meet and greet oppotunity, thank good. If you feel the same as me, write it down - RIGHT HERE & RIGHRT NOW


This is why I regret not having found out about this forum before, because you guys are amazing, you got a whole world inside you and always get up fighting for yourself. I’m really really really glad you are okay now, Linkin Park did a great job for everyone as we can see, I don’t know how many times they saved my life and I’ll never stop saying that the community they built up is not a Fanmade, is a Family. :revolving_hearts:



:joy::joy: on your part time job?? :rofl:

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Yeah :sunglasses: my job here is done
Now I can go back, study and come here again :laughing:

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Can we please stop with this revival of dead threads?

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This…, I agree- as I said in the other thread- it’s confusing…


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But but why? Dead things are made to be brought back to life

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Because they died for a reason, people stopped caring about them. Cluttering the latest feed with threads nobody cares about is annoying and, as Pat said, confusing too.

Nobody has ever said that.

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That’s a bit cruel, remember the forum long ago was different and probably had a different algorithm, but still I don’t know why I can’t comment or like a post without that you receive a notify too, my bounds are limited :exploding_head:

Well, never say never :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been here nearly 4 years, it’s been pretty much the same for those for. This is a 5 year old thread, I doubt anything changed over that one year. Also, this is how all forums function, all dead threads get pushed to the back over time.

Try Christianity brother!
it rocks

reviving dead threads is funny,
watching the same things over and over can get boring!

i loved @Marilau’s comment, made me smile and feel proud to be part of the family and i suppose so did others.
and love surpasses time!

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Aww :heart_eyes: this is the kind of comment I like and agree :joy::+1: glad to know there’s someone who has my same view :raised_hand:

keep reviving dear @Marilau !!
proud to be your bro!


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Thanks bro :grin: glad to be your sis :blush:

@the_termin8r is dying inside, sorry Rob :laughing:

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I believe he too understands that the emotions described in this thread are worth reviving.
Though there’s some shortage of emotions that we’ve talked about before,
i’m sure he can read the original thread again and read the words in it instead of the datestamp.

I fear not,
IT pros can get over anything!
He too will get over himself at some point but it will take some hammering as any sword has to go through.
swords that become pens and write things that keep others safe!
and revive them occasionally because you never know who’s life they’ll save!

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Joooordan @jFar920 pretty please close my thread here

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Noo! You tell me after all the emotional things @achilleas7 said you want your thread closed? @jFar920 don’t you dare do it!

Muting time I think…

For such discussions we have the nifty thread… and yes- I feel a bit abused on my thread for a general discussion that is not related with me in any way

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check out my threads for emotion overloads my dear @Marilau
i use videos because those can’t be deleted at will!
omw to revive a thread or two :stuck_out_tongue:


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