Typical meet and greet times

I know that I have to see the day of email BUT I just found out that I’m included in the meet and greet for LPU and I live two hours away and I work that day. I need to ask my manager if I can leave early for it tomorrow (show is Monday in Cinci) and I’d like to have a general idea as to what time I’d need to leave.

Its mostly 1 hour or direct before the show.

But how did you find out?

I got an email yesterday and the show is tomorrow. The closer it got to the show, the most I was sure I wasn’t getting in for the LPU meet and greet but I did. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if all m&g times are the same, but for me, we all had to arrive by 5pm. This was at his show in Anaheim, CA.

it said 430 on my email to cincy

Wait so how did you find out you had a meet and greet?

So people who didn’t get a email, did not get a meet and greet. Poopie

Okay, mine didn’t mention a time in the original email and I didn’t get one from today. (I went ahead and only did a five hour shift at work so I’m checking my home email now. Secure wifi at work=no access to outside email.)
This is the only thing referencing a time on my email from Saturday:
· Meet & Greet Time and On-Site Location: Details will be sent via email on the DAY OF SHOW. You must check your email to get this information.

Whew, it just arrived and it’s 5pm.

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Kinda off topic but does anyone know how long it takes for them to email the link for the meet and greet pictures? And how do they know who to send the linc for the individual pics to? We weren’t wearing name tags or anything…

Have fun!!

They said “in the morning” but I haven’t received anything yet.

I recieved my m&g photo 2 days after the show.

What was it like? :slight_smile:

They send you a Dropbox link that has all the pics in it

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Send me an email and I will send you a link where they most likely will be at :slight_smile: they place them all together and give you a link and you go in and find yours to download


The pics arrived two days after and everyone had solo pics with Mike, not a group pic.
LPU went after the people who bought the VIP packages (those packages looked like they were worth it, btw).
Mike signed one item per person. I brought my A Thousand Suns cd. I told him that I never got to tell Chester how much that album (specifically Robot Boy) meant to me but that I was grateful that I was able to tell him. He was really a sweet guy. Signed my cd and made a doodle on it.
We did get to go to the stage after the VIPs and before the doors opened so I got side rail, which was where I wanted to be. First time I’ve gotten to do a LPU meet and greet and I’m really glad that I got to.

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Are they selling Post Traumatic CD before the Meet & Greet?

Yes, you can go to the merch machine and buy it from there beforehand

The merchant stores won’t be open yet though