Two Years On - Ace Masters

Almost another year has passed since that tragic day
And you know what, I do feel like I’m in a better place now, like I have finally come to terms with Chesters passing, yes, of course it still unreal in the sense I can’t believe he is gone, and yes it saddens me, and yes this particular day it hurts, but at the same time, i’ve moved on, i will still honor him, celebrate him, be inspired by him.
That will never change.
What has changed, for me, I don’t know, all I know is I can listen to any song and feel ok.
I am ok.

But for some, they are still hurting, they are still in mourning, and know what, that’s okay, processing grief is different for different people, don’t try and rush your griefing process, it will take it’s natural course.
If you need time, take the time
If you need to talk, talk to someone
If you want to cry, it’s okay to cry
Remember we are family, connected by this awesome band, connect via this man, Chester Bennington

I am only ever a tag away if you need to vent/talk
And not just me, there are others that are about if you need that outlet

Let’s honor this guy and blast out some tunes
Let’s Make Chester Proud and sing them loud

Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do!


Really thank you @acemasters
Great words!

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Hey Ace Masters!
You stated exactly how I feel as well! I had a dear friend pass away that same year. I feel that LPU members are the BEST just like Chester & Talinda said. People hear are always ready to help out anyone that needs to be heard, as a sounding board or to communicate with others that are like minded. I feel that the people here are amazing & I think it would make Chester Proud the way everyone supports each other.

I know that I want to try to do things to #Make Chester Proud. I don’t have any children, no friends to hang out with, no one to visit. Not able to work anymore & bored out of my mind. Knowing that I can come here anytime & find people to hang out with is a HUGE thing for me. I just want to say “Thanks for everyone’s great attitude to help/support each other.” It’s also inspiring to see/hear what other’s are doing as a Tribute to Chester.

I hope that everyone has a great 4th of July!!!


Bloody hell you know how to say hello! :sweat_smile::joy::rofl: all I see is yellow on the latest page :joy::grin:
Welcome to LPU forums as I get the feeling you’re an app soldier coming to new grounds :grin:
Again, awesome to see the input and enthusiasm and can’t say more than that since you’re already hopping in everywhere :joy:
Have a good one!


Thank you!!!:sunglasses: If I can help someone else that is in a dark place that makes me feel useful. I grew up in a CRAZY household, not as bad as Jerry Springer, but crazy none the less. I was constantly being told to make sure that I didn’t upset this person, that person, etc… & I grew up feeling like I was walking a tightrope.
My Mom told me that even when I was a toddler, she thought of me as FEARLESS. Not in the way of doing daredevil kind of activities. I would stand up for what I believed in, I would not LIE, even if adults told me I should say/do something that I KNEW was not true. I pretty much drove many adults crazy because I didn’t follow the protocol for children in the '60’s. No matter how much they yelled at me or threatened to take my favorite toys or something, I would not back down.

My goal now, because I’m definitely NOT tech savvy, but if I can help someone else by giving them some insight & maybe help them to deal w/depression/mental illness that will make me feel at least a little bit useful. Ever since I haven’t been able to work, things really spiraled out of control for me. I can’t handle not being able to support myself. Helping others at least makes me feel like I’m not worthless.

Thanks so much for your Welcome Response!!! I really appreciate it! :stuck_out_tongue:. What country do you live in? I read lots of books that the stories take place in UK & you sound like them.
Thanks again & Happy 4th to you & your family…
p.s. Still trying to get the hang of emojis & stuff, please bear w/me…


:joy::joy::joy: it’s the effect of being here so long :sweat_smile: it’s kind of satisfying saying “bloody hell” :roll_eyes: I feel like Harry Potter :nerd_face:
I’m Mexican, live in the US since I was young so more American than anything :grin: I live in Northern California :slightly_smiling_face:

A noble effort indeed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: People like you keep hope for humanity alive :grin:

Happy 4th! :partying_face::partying_face: it’s finally midnight here too :grin: also where are you at too? :thinking:

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:hugs: thank you Ace! That’s the spirit that makes him proud. Even I’ve accepted that he decided to go, as his way out of the pain. I’m still sad too and will be forever… but it gets lighter

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Hey, how you feel right now, it’s exactly how I feel. It’s gives me a good feeling that I’m not the only one dealing with this. I had a kind of same message a couple of weeks ago. Some days I can accept that Chester is not here anymore, and some days I can’t accept it and I feel down and I just wanna cry.
It feels a relive to talk with people about it and it took some of the weight of my shoulders… and I didn’t know I was carrying that weight.
He’s passing day is coming closer and closer. And I do my best (on my own way) to honor and remember him. He was a great and beautiful person.

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