Tweaking the Manage Account function

The site in itself is perfect. However for usability sake I think it would be a really good idea to add some icons across the top navigation bar (where you find the LPU Logo, Manage Account / Log Out and search box) that display new messages, comments, friend adds rather than having to go onto manage account and then to the appropriate sub menu each time.

Literally just adding some shortcuts which display a number for the amount of each item in that field would make a huge usability improvement as stated. Think getting a message or notification on Facebook and seeing the little number on the icon.

Thus bypassing the manage accounts screen would also make people more aware of how social the site is, I just checked my manage account after a few weeks and I had around 10 friend requests and a few wall comments because all my email notifications went into spam.

Just my two cents.

Great Idea

I completely agree!