Tribute band Hybrid Theory is taking Oz by storm!

Hello Soldiers!
Hybrid Theory from Portugal, a tribute band, is leaving everyone happy and thrilled with their performances in their actual tour in Australia.
Have you seen them? What do you think? Are you going to see them? Tell us all about it!


I will be seeing them in Melbourne this weekend. Can’t wait.

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Hello! Tell me after the show what your opinion about Hybrid Theory! It will be an awesome show, I guarantee you.

That’s great to hear, seeing them on Friday.

I think hybrid theory is the best album in the world Linkin Park is the best in the world that’s my opinion. Better than Metallica. What do you think? Metallica vs avenged sevenfold vs. Linkin Park. Linkin Park obviously!

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Hi! Hybrid Theory is a great album, no doubt, it mad music History the soon it was released, but personally I refer A Thousand Suns.
Here I’m referring to Hybrid Theory, a tribute Linkin Park band from Protugal. They are now touring Australia and they are fantastic. Do you know them? Here, tehere’s their latest video.

Hey guys. I’ll be heading to the Sydney show tonight. If anyone’s around we should meet up!

I’ve been following them around in social media. They are amazing! However, I haven’t been to one of their shows; I’m in the Philippines. :broken_heart:

Oh well. Enjoy! And send love to them, too!

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The show was amazing. I haven’t screamed / sung so loud in a long time!!
I wore my LPU tshirt and several people commented on it. Great to see some real fans there.

I have posted a few videos on my Instagram if anyone is interested in looking. My name on insta is the same as here - xr8chic

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Hello! I believe Hybrid Theory will go to the Philippines one day. Who knows? They are just starting touring the world. Thanks for supporting the band. Kisses!

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Hello! Thank you for supporting Hybrid Theory! They are a great tribute band. I’ve already seen them for three times - and I defenitely want to see/to hear more of them. They are awesome!!!
Hybrid Theory are Linkin Park fans singing for the fans.
Please continue do support them. Thank you so much. Kisses from Portugal!

Hoping for that day to happen! But for now, I will just live vicariously through concert clips. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Ahahahah! Yes! Me too! I follow Hybrid Theory in the social media, until the day comes when I can see them again. Kisses!

I don’t know how I feel about them…aside from like them going around performing and whatnot and making a career out of it…are they trying to look and sound like them? On purpose? I get they are a tribute band and all but I’ll be more into if LP give it their grace first. If they are alright with it then I’ll give it a go.

Hello! Hybrid Theory is a tribute band and when they play their main goal and ambition is to honour the huge musical legacy of Linkin Park. They are fans playing to another fans. They are real good and if they sound like Linkin Park is unbelievable and beautiful. Please support their work to make Hybrid Theory the official Linkin Park tribute band of the Wolrd. Thank you!