Track Listing For JHB?

I am wondering what would be the tracks the Linkin park are going to play

Same as live in Texas? or Road to Revolution?

adding a few new songs and hope the show will be an hour and a half !!!


You can never know what songs are gonna be on the setlist. I would guess the same one as the European tour a few months ago but according to Mike’s sayings, they’re looking at the setlists right now, during rehearsals, to make changes and add/remove/change songs.
One thing is for sure, they’ll be rocking on stage for about an hour and a half.

AH, I am hoping that they play a proper set, it seems to be a trend that bands come here and play a half hearted set…! When I saw them 4 years ago in the UK, they played a good mix of stuff…but I think the SA crowd are looking for a lot of Hybrid Theory, a lot of Meteora, and then the newer stuff…

Aslong as they throw faint in there :slight_smile: and a dum solo, I am keen!!!

Now to see if I can get some tickets for CT, because of my mates wedding happening on the day of the gig in JHB… Need to see these guys, need to take my girlfriend! :slight_smile:


Wait for Brazil setlists, then you’ll know. They won’t be very different, I think.

Whatever you get, be happy with it. The setlist craze is so last Friday. :slight_smile:

One thing is for sure, it won’t be anything like Live in Texas or Road to Revolution. Watch some of the newer shows to get an idea of the setlist.

According to

The last posted concert in the USA on 28 June was as follows:

I would assume we will get something along the lines of this with a few Living Things songs thrown into the mix.

(Ext. Outro)
With You
(Ext. Intro + Outro)
Given Up
(Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note)
Somewhere I Belong
(Ext. Intro)
New Divide
Lies Greed Misery
Points of Authority
Waiting for the End
(Apaches Intro w/ Until It … more)
Breaking the Habit
Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow Of The Day / Iridescent
The Catalyst
What I’ve Done
One Step Closer
Burn It Down
In the End
Bleed It Out
(w/ Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’, Ext. Outro)

I would love to hear My December and Powerless thrown into the set somewhere.

Not Live in Texas setlist & not road to revolution

Maybe they are doing the same that they did during the europe run in june

You will never know! Just be excited :wink:

Im thinking that the South African setlist will be quite different to the others (Europe, Brazil) as they have never played here before so the demand for the old stuff will be as big as for the new. Therefore we should expect a very mixed setlist of old and new and not just predominantly songs off the Living Things album.

To be fairly honest they could play a collection of whatever songs they want to and the concert would be amazing. That being said it would be sick if they played Cure For The Itch :D:D:D:D

hope its not to much off of the last 2 albums…1st 4 albums kicked ass…last two…not so hot :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sure everyone has their favourite track they would love to hear. I am a LP addict so any track listing will be great

Totally agree with Tyron Fitzpatrick. They could play anything and I’ll be overjoyed. As long as they play a good mix of everything. If they play Blackout, I’ll lose my mind. That track live will be sick!

Just [i]imagine[i] if they do something like QWERTY or It’s Going Down!!