Tour en Europe?

When does start the new tour in Europe? I will go to the first European country where you give the first concert!

Just be patient, they’ve toured Europe this year (May/June) Next European tour will be after they toured the rest of the world, somewhere early-mid next year probably.
As long as there are no official tour updates on LP/, nobody can tell you about any new dates :slight_smile:

What An said. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping for April/May-ish 2013 (because June is reserved for exams xD), but we won’t know until dates are announced.

Judging from the fact that the AUS/NZ run will be in Feb-March with a follow or pre Asian run, I bet Europe will be somewhere between May-June and lastly a PR tour in Aug in the US for the closure of the Living Things era.
But like An said, we just need to wait! Nothing is sure until the band confirms it :wink: