Tour Dates For EU

Well are LP coming to Ireland I want to know :slight_smile:

We all wants to know the dates or the european tour!!! I hate waiting…

we are all waiting - even if they already had a tour in EU we will also go`!!!

Heard they’re going to Germany this fall, but don’t know if it’s true or not… Waiting :smiley:

It has been recently confirmed that Linkin Park will NOT be doing an EU arena tour this year…

Just read yesterday that LP will not be having a fall European tour.

A Thousands Suns tour only had one North American leg. Will Living Things only see one European tour?

Honestly, when it comes to touring, I think the United States and Europe are spoiled, because no matter what, Linkin Park will always tour there at least once, maybe twice, per album. Meanwhile there are other places, for example, Canada, Mexico, most of Asia, that rarely, or ever even see Linkin Park.

At this point, I’d rather see something like a full Canadian, Mexican, Asia tour before yet another North American or European tour