Toronto Show- Meet Time?

Hey everyone! I bought a VIP ticket to the show and I’m trying to find out what time I need to be at Rebel tomorrow and the only info I can seem to find on Rebels website and on ticketmaster, is that I can only pick up my tickets at the box office 1 hour before the show starts. I’m not sure if that info is correct because on Mikes Instagram page today it looked like he was meeting fans around 2 or 3pm in Montreal?

Also, does anyone want to get together beforehand? I’m going solo and would love to have some peeps to go with :slight_smile:

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Nevermind! I found the info in my junk mail :blush: invitation still stands if anyone wants to get together beforehand though!

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I’m curious what the email said? I have tix for a show here in PA next and need to figure out my travel plans…any info would be great, thanks!

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The same! If you could share any info on how they are scheduling things it would help those of us at later dates to plan ahead, you’ll be our guinea pig :stuck_out_tongue:


I just got to Toronto. I am going solo as well. I am going to go and try to pick up my ticket and stuff around 2 and the stuff starts at 4. I would love to meet up!

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Let’s do it! I’ll aim to be there around 2 as well :slight_smile:

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Cool :smiley: I am so excited

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So according to the e-mail, it looks like for fans who have purchased a VIP ticket, you’ll be scheduled to enter the venue about 3 to 4 hours in advance and it emphasizes that you must have photo id with you. I think each venue may be a bit different in where to enter, but the Toronto one happens to be through the entrance and it says that someone will be there to escort us through the whole process. Another fan on twitter mentioned to me that they keep a very tight schedule, so I think being early is a definite must!

I’ll post an update and some photos tomorrow (if we’re allowed to take any) for everyone :smiley:

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Oh! @chuckieSLAY i’ll be wearing this shirt, by the way:

And I have long, curly brown/blonde hair. Can’t wait for tonight!!

I’ll be wearing a red flannel, my LPU 17 shirt and a camo hat that says Official! Its going to be a phenomenal day/night. Can’t wait to meet you!

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Awesome! Thanks for the info and let us know how it goes today!

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I dont have VIP, but I might pop up around 3 to look around, I just arrived last night here from BC

Welcome to TO! We’ll probably be loitering around outside if you want to join us :smiley:

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Any news about what time the meet and greet is?

I received an email saying I won the contest for the meet and greet, and it said I would receive an email today with more information, but it hasn’t come yet o.O?

I’m not sure what time I have to be at the venue. Does anyone know?

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Check your spam folder quickly! The emails tend to go to spam! :sweat_smile:

Just got the email! Yay! So excited!! :smiley:
(it didn’t go into my junk mail thankfully :slight_smile: )

I don’t have VIP either but I’ll be at the show in red flannel because flanoda lol

That was such an amazing show :blush: :tired_face:


Hey guys, I put together some photos from last night :slight_smile: Most of them aren’t that great, but I got a couple of good ones! Feel free to add your own photos to the album! Outbreak Tour Toronto- Oct 11 2018

For those who have a show coming up in the future, here’s some info on what to expect:

  • Arrive at least a half an hour before the VIP start time stated in the e-mail (I would recommend earlier if you aren’t going with anyone, so you can meet up with other fans and chat before going inside)

  • Our tickets were held at ‘will call’ and they were distributed to us while we were lined up outside the venue (if you purchased the ticket yourself, it should have your name on it as well)

  • Mike was doing some sound check when our escorts brought us inside and we waited for a few minutes while he finished up and then they gathered us around in a semi-circle at the big poster board. He came down and drew and answered questions from fans while he was filling up the board. (which turned out awesome! I forgot to get a finished picture of the whole thing)

  • He then went and finished sound check while we colored and added our own drawings to the board… and I was SO pumped, he played It’s Going Down for us during soundcheck! Never thought I’d get to hear that live.

  • Once sound check was over, we all lined up, LPU meet and greet winners joined us and then he went around signing things for everyone. Once that was done, the VIP’s took photos with him.

  • Once photos were over, Mike said goodbye to us and then the poster pieces were distributed to VIP pass holders. it looks like he tried his best to have a little drawing on each square, which was very thoughtful of him. I can’t wait to have mine framed! :wink:

After that was all done, we all went up to the front and I would say we pretty much encompassed the first two rows of the venue.

I hope all of you have an amazing experience just like we did! Have fun everyone :slight_smile:


That sounds awesome! I can’t wait for Monday…about how many people had VIP tickets? I know they were limited so I’m just curious…also did you get all the extra stuff at the show? (copy of vinyl, drawing pad etc)?