Too late announce of Chat with chester last night on vyrtl

Hey yo out there, did anybody manage to take part at the chat with chester yesterday or last night even? To me the announcement was too late, I´ve looked at my emails once that day and there was nothing, and I´m here online every day, so for what reason such afreedom of design to do it in that way, mekes me feel really bad and also angry, what do you think, soldiers

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I was there but once again VYRT was not working for me so I can’t really say I took part lol.
The announcement was up on the news since Monday morning I believe. I did get an email, the typical newsletter and the chat info was included. Dunno why you didn’t :confused:

I wanted to chat with Chester and other LPUers but I couldn’t ._. video was not working. (“invalid source”?)

@xTirea Try contacting the VYRT support. I’ve been trying for 2 months now but they’re ignoring me. I don’t have access to the video part either, it crashes all the time.

Maybe headquarter, its your turn???

I totally agree. This very special events are rare and unique and they are highlights for all LPU members. Therefore the announcements should be made several days before the chat starts.

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up to now, I´d def not found anybody taken part at this chat, maybe everything a fake???

Ι was in that chat. I just didn’t have video most of the time. I could hear Chester though.

?what did they chatted about

You can read a summary here but I’m sure they’ll upload the video soon so you may watch that.

On the transcript says this about Chester and Dead By Sunrise:

-He said the next Dead By Sunrise album will be released – never!

That was a direct quote from the site. Not sure which one posted the mistake. Cause in the transcript topic it says that there WILL be another DBS album. Confused

They made a topic here with a summary, is that the right one?