To anyone who's been to a concert at the current Honda Civic Tour

I was invited to do a meet & greet at the upcoming Cincinnati show and the email said I’m allowed to take one thing for them to sign so my question is…

For anyone who’s been to any of the Honda Civic Tour shows, do they sell any LP posters at the shop that are worth getting signed or should I find something to take myself? If there aren’t any good posters, any advice on what to take would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I believe they are having limited edition posters for sale that pertains to each individual city. That would be a good thing to have signed. Here is a link as an example:

I am taking the cd cover for Minutes to Midnight because I really like that cover and I think it will look good autographed!

They usually have something, cds, posters etc, if you are in the pit, caryying a poster is tough so be careful what you choose. I would find something more intimate on EBAY or something, a unique item to get signed, a shirt is cool and easy to keep at the show, or a cool cd cover, old school hybrid theory, or cool inserts from a magazine, japanese rare items, I like that type of stuff more then just a store bought poster, but nice posters look really good too.

If i get chosen I think im going to get one of the Limited edition posters for the tour stop in tacoma to get signed and add to my collection.

i will be at the cincinnati meet and greet as well. i plan on buying one of the limited edition tour posters. i think they are either 40 or 45 bucks. but it will be worth it in my opinion to get it signed!

Yeah just pay the extra for a poster TUBE TO PROTECT THE SIGNED POSTER if your going into the pit after.

Yes they sale Limited edition LP concert posters at the show