To all experts: My vrtl code didnt let me lock in... I´m becomming crazy

Tried to look in cause I didnt knew, which time this pst blabla is, meanwhile I think 21 o clock in Europe this evening (is that right???) by the try to lock in the answere is access denied, need very fast help, please, thanks omg I´m really confused

I think it is 20h in Europe (Berlin). Not 100% sure, but I think it is saver to assume it is 20h, so I wanted to answer anyways. Sorry I don’t know a solution for the other problem. I hope I dont have it aswell. I would write the support with 100 exclamation marks, so they see it is very important. I hope they can help!! Good luck!!

Berlin time around 20.00pm on Friday, July 31st. It’s better come to VyRT chat room early before the chat is start, go to this link and enter the code in your dashboard. The code is one time use, so once you logged in and then you logged out, you can’t use the code again.

thanks for the advice. How early should we come? I’m just asking bc I’m afaraid that my computer will have problems and I will be thrown out (by my computer) and won’t be able to enter again then… I sometime have to restart my laptop… but I don’t want to be to late either… I was thinking about coming at 19h. Early enough?

@The_early_walker: Maybe someone who doesn’t have time has a code for you? Because not everybody will have time, I assume.

One hour before is fine :wink: See you later on chat room :slight_smile:

If you have a tablet you can access the chat from there, it will run much smoother than on your laptop if you’re having such issues. I feel you cause mine is a piece of junk too!

And what a brilliant idea!! I’m willing to give you my code @The_early_walker since I won’t be on the chat. My question though is, will my code work for you or is it unique to match my account?

@EvoOba you don´t imagine how your offer is making me happy, got a lot of " those

and from your offer I get
and to @tweek @purrfect:

Windows 10… :frowning:

sorry i´m a brainless at computer stuff, what does it mean???

@The_early_walker Sure thing, I won’t use it anyways, someone else might as well enjoy it. No promises it will work since most people tell me the codes are unique but I’ll sen you a message with it anyways and you can try.

@samuel_the_leader If you refresh it it should load the page just fine.