You will be picking up the tickets at the venue just bring your ID

Thats not true, just spoke to Big Concerts, in the next 2 weeks big concerts will be emailing you with a reference number, take that to Computicket and pick up your tickets. If you dont recieve that email, call Big Concerts on 011 759 7215

Its strange then how things change one day to another

Yeah i dunno. Its actually ridiculous how Big Concerts haven’t explained this properly to everyone.

Sean is right, I also phoned big concerts and they told me the same story in 2 weeks we can go collect with our ID that has to have the same name as the “will call” name you put on when you bought the tickets… Computicket on the other hand is clueless they have no idea how the pre sale tickets are working so i just hope they dont mess us around when we collect…

Big concerts told me the same thing, will be receiving second email within 2 weeks, and then you can collect at computicket.

Hope this helps -

The “will call” tickets works like this:

  1. Once you have bought the tickets, you get a LPU confirmation with a unique order number.
  2. Once pre-sales close all the order numbers will be sent to Big Concerts and with Computicket will assign a Computicket reference number.
  3. Confirmation letters will be sent by both LPU and Computicket stating your Computicket reference number
  4. This needs to be taken to any Computicket outlet with your ID and the tickets will be issued to you.

Anyone that did the presale on the U2 tickets will think this is very well done by Big Concerts! :smiley: Those tickets was finally only available by pickup like a week before the show

I called Computicket today, and they said same thing about email with reference number that you need to wait for, then you can just collect with ID. So someone did update them. Now anxiously awaiting the email

It’s funny because It feels like I bought my tickets so long ago and it feels so good that I didn’t have the panic of the computicket lines. But I don’t have anything to show for my money yet.

Thanks very much for explaining it to me:)

Yeah, its a funny feeling. Everyone now struggeling to get tickets from Computicket at least has something to show for their trouble. Almost like a trophy. Where the pre-orders have nothing to show. I would feel so much better when i have my “trophy”.

What if you bought your ticket with someone else’s credit card? O.o My dad bought mine but he lives on the other side of the country from me