Tickets for Indiana?

Has anyone received there preorder tix yet?

No, I live in detroit and i’m still waiting for my tickets for the detroit show!! I’m also waiting on the Indiana tickets too!!

Nothing yet. Glad to see others in the same boat. I was starting to worry. No tickets the week of the show??

Marty, is that you? Of Jim Dixon’s neighbor fame?

I am starting to be very very stressed out…tickets are still not here and we’re leaving Canada (yes, we are doing a 17 hours drive for the indianapolis show) on thursday night…if tickets are not in by thursday, what are we gonna do ?? :frowning:

I just saw that if you go to “Manage Account” you can see a receipt of your presale order and mine shows that it shipped on 8/15/2012. So, they should be here any day. Nothing like waiting til the last minute though.

i will tomorrow

I will tomorrow

if you goto manage account then go to orders, click on ur ticket order. On the left you will see a tracking #, click on it. it will tell you where ur tix are. Sucks they waited this long to send them out, they give no time for error.

Has anyone gotten their tickets yet?? I haven’t got my Indiana tickets yet. I just got my tickets for the Detroit show today on the day of the concert! Smh. I hope I get the Indiana tickets soon!

So I am asking again !
I am from Canada, so I don’t have any tracking available. At the moment it goes through customs, we can’t track them any further
I am very anxious now. Tix are still not there and we are leaving for indianapolis thursday night !

What am I supposed to do if the tickets are not there by the time we leave ? :frowning:

every time i click on the ticket order I get a 404 error

I’m also waiting for mine.

Finally got ours today.

Still got nothing and leaving tomorrow :frowning:
I will call grountctrl as many told me to do (thanks for your help folks!)

But I have another question ! I am selected for the M&G and it says that we must have the show ticket with us to grab our M&G pass…what will happen if I don’t have the ticket with me, due to the fact that it never came to me ? Will they provide me another ticket at the venue (with the will call list) ?

Got mine today!!!

If you don’t have your ticket because it never came, they won’t let you into the venue. They tell you that you have to have a show ticket so people do not assume that concert admission is included with the M&G. It is not. If groundctrl works something out for you to get admission without an actual ticket, then you’re in and should have no worries.
Yeah, this whole thing was piss-poor. Groundctrl says that they send out the tickets the same day they arrive in their warehouse, so they seem to be passing the buck. We received our tickets on Wednesday for a concert on Saturday. Someone, maybe not groundctrl, but someone dropped the ball on this one. Hope everything works out for you.