Ticket return?

Im pretty confused. I mistakenly bought the wrong seating tickets and want to change and get the other. both are available, they wont lose a single sale because im buying again. But one place says sales are final, and another says i can ship them back for a refund, very confused. If anyone can offer some help/advice its much appreciated.

this should help:
Ticketing Policy

this is what it says…


All sales completed though ground(ctrl) are final. Our client venues do not allow us to refund or exchange any order once it has been confirmed, so please be sure you have selected the proper event and seat locations prior to completing your order. Once tickets are issued, they are like cash and will not be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.[/quote]


We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If any ground(ctrl) purchase fails to meet your expectations, you can return your item to us in its original and unused condition within 15 days of receiving it for an exchange or refund.

Lol this is the root of my confusion, they contradict each other. but thank you bro :slight_smile:

I believe ticket sales are final.
Now if you purchased actual physical merchandise( shirt, hat, etc) then you can return those items.

got a hold of groundctrl. In case anyone else faces this issue, Basically whats happening is Because the prices are the same, and im just switching the seating area, they had me buy 4 more tickets for the CORRECT section. once that was done they are refunding the first purchase to my accounts. i realize that is an expensive e route to take and not available to everyone who may meet this problem, But i got the seats i want at the same price and ill get my money back :D. thanks for feedback guys