Ticket Arrival?

I purchased tickets for the Cinci show during the presale. Anyone know when we should be getting our tickets? I’ve never had concert tickets take so long to arrive.

From what I have read and seen they are sending the tickets about 2 weeks prior to when your show is.

i bought tix during presale for san diego show and havent received mine either…my email says shipping date is about 2 weeks prior to the show, but was thrown off considering were in may and the SD show is in sept!!!

I bought tickets for Calgary in September as well and it said two weeks prior I would recieve the tickets. I contacted the ground(ctrl) email and they said that if I didnt recieved with say in a week of the concert since I have to drive to Calgary to let them know and they could put my name on a guest list or something so that when I arrived the venue would know I was coming. So perhaps, that could be something you could look into.

I got them a couple days ago! Thanks guys!

elka_lpu- when you said that you would have to drive to Calgary and let “them” know if you haven’t received your tickets yet, who are you refering to as “them”? The venue management?