This was for it’ll have to settle as a tribute


Hey guys, I just wanted to share this artwork of Chester I did last year. I was trying to do it in time for a meet and greet (if I were to be lucky). I saw LP in Krakow, London O2, and Brixton Academy (his penultimate concert) last year. I hoped to give this and a letter to him in person. Failing that, I was going to mail it. Sadly, Chester passed just before I could finish it. I’m really upset that I never got to send him my letter…it meant a lot to me. I hope that you guys will enjoy this piece at least x


This is incredible! I’m sorry you couldn’t give it to Chester but I’m sure he would’ve loved it x


@qualityshinoda thank you so much, it really does mean a lot x

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Absolutely love the drawing! Its beautiful!


That is amazing and beautiful art. We love it and I know that Chester would have loved it so much :slightly_smiling_face: So keep him in your memories and remember #makechesterproud.


HI that’s amazing absolutely love it :blush:


That is absolutely beautiful :heartpulse: Chester would have loved it as well. Chester may be gone, but his legacy, love, talented voice and the love he had for his family, friends and all the LP band will never be forgotten :black_heart:


Amazing work! Chazy would have loved it! :pray:


So beautiful !

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It is absolutely beautiful! He would have loved it!

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@willowSky @missfree @4lexpect @gothmom2 @coolcat96 @raz7 @qualityshinoda @delly4 I’m so happy that everyone likes this picture so much! Thank you for all of your reassuring words, I really do hope he would have loved it. Do you think it’s worth me sending it with the letter to Talinda and the guys?


You should! I think they would love it just as much!

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Yes you should 100%

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This is just beautiful. I so wish he was able to see it. Maybe he can. It is wonderful.

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I think sending it to them would be great!

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I think you should do it

As many other soldiers have said before me

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@willowSky @raz7 @elizabethlascheid @qualityshinoda @StephLP18 thank you all very much! I need to write my letter out proper in the next 24 hours, due to international postage times. Does anyone know what the official mail address is? :blush:

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It was
Linkin Park
The Collective
8383 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1050
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
but I used that address back in 2010 so it may be outdated?

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Awww…thank you for that! If I don’t hear of a more recent address i’ll definitely give it a go :slight_smile: x

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Maybe Adam or Lorenzo can help you. You can find them on Twitter.