This is why I love you guys as much as Chester!


Hello fellow soldiers :hugs:
I don´t usually post here, but I wanted to get this off my chest for some time now.
So first of all, I want to tell you about how I found out about Chester´s passing… My parents weren´t home, so my sister and me invited a few friends over and we had a little party. It was about 9pm when I saw the first tweet from LPLive, but didn´t think much about it, because there was no way it was true. When the first notifications from actual newspapers came in, I still didn´t believe it. When Mike tweeted - I broke into tears and all my friends seemed very confused. I showed them the tweet and they were all so concerned, because I´m probably the most hardcore LP fan in my area - and they knew that. The party turned from this point on into a LP Party and my friends let me pick every song until 4am!! even though they were not huge fans. In this night, my mom, my other sister and a few of my friends called me to check on me and my sister insisted to sleep on my couch because she was so worried.
I read a lot about people that couldn´t listen to Chesters voice for a long time. I think the only reason I was able to keep listening was this party, because I celebrated Chester the whole night and all the support from my family and friends gave me so much strength. After the Tribute show everything changed. I was so devastated seeing the guys on stage barely keeping it together. I was and still am struggling with depression but after the Tribute show, I was in a very dangerous condition. Thats when you guys come in. I read through all the forums here and on reddit and it was such a healing process. Seeing you guys showing each other the light in the darkest places really touched my heart. I was so scared to go to one of Mikes shows, but you guys gave me the strength to do it. I eventually ended up having a Meet and Greet with Mike and after the show I knew that I found a safe place again.
LP has the best, kindest and most beautiful community in the world. Thanks to each one of you that has shared his thoughts and struggles on here. Some people (like me) will probably never comment anything, but just reading what this community does for each other is just amazing.
Thank you!

and of course, thank you Chester :heart: I will always love you!


Helloooo and nice to meet you! :smiley:

Thank you for sharing your story and for your kind words! Yes, we care for each other like a real family… and that’s all thanks to LP guys if we’re talking here…connected from a distance through this platform… :blush: :hugs:
Nice you went to Mike’s show and the M&G! :heart:


That’s what we’re here for!

Thank you for your post. If you ever need anything at all, don’t be afraid to reach out to anybody here. There’s always somebody available and willing to help you out if you need it!


Everything’s gonna be alright. :ok_hand:


Thanks for sharing your story! I don’t usually post here either but like you (in so many ways) find this family amazing! It has helped me stay afloat and be much kinder to others! the LP family ROCKS! I miss you Chester…yesterday, today and forever…:broken_heart::heart::black_heart:

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You had luck that you were not alone when you heard of Chesters passing away! I was also very afraid of being depressed at Mikes show, but it helped me so much! Now there is hope that LP will come back!

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When i found about Chester’s passing, it hit me so hard and i couldn’t listen to anybody else but Linkin Park for months. It was kind of my healing process. We are here for each other. Feel free to reach out. Love you guys :heart:


@mc_bennoda: … i couldn’t listen to anybody else but Linkin Park for months…
That´s very interesting, because I couldn´t hear LP for more than 1 year! To hear Chesters voice made me cry. After Mike´s show in October where the audiance sang Chester´s parts, I could hear LP songs again without crying. So different is to cope with grief …


Yes it is different for every one of us. I still cry when i listen to Crawling OML live version. Pain is still there.


When I saw it first time I couldn’t believe it. and my life weren’t great at the time so it was all accumulated to a very bad place. I had times I was just listening to LP and couldn’t do anything else. but also in the same time I couldn’t watch LP live on YouTube as every time I tried I almost cried. I never thought someone I didn’t know will affect me that much. It’s still hurts, but trying to go on with life and be happy as I know Chester would be proud.
And I bet meeting Mike felt amazing!
Thank you for your words! I hope you are better now and taking care of yourself! that’s the most important thing!


@danierlich: …I never thought someone I didn’t know will affect me that much…
Sometimes I felt bad about exactly this point!!! It is very good to see that I´m not alone with this feeling. For me it is the challenge to turn the grief into gratitude. It works more an more: slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello to all o us and especially butzwassegott. Sorry for my somehow frenh/english but I just wanted to say that LP community is great ; helpfullness is something precious. Tolerance, generosity too. I confess to have been awfully tackled by the grief too, for months. At a time I stopped listening to Chester’s voice because I felt my heart brek each time, thinking “why did you do that ?! God did’nt ou see all your next of kin and LP fans care for you so much ? I hope ou feel better, in peac now but it’s so sad for all of us”. I found that listening to Chester made me sad, I could’nt afford it for my husband and my daughter and son. Too bad for them. Now I must say that I found a way to feel paying a tribute without worrying my family : wearing my LP t-shirts even at the office, not caring, assuming my love for LP without complex but without sadness, that I hope. So, reading these posts make me feel proud of all of us eventually : LP fans are a family to each others in this somehow individualist world. Other communities are too, but I belong here like you, LP fan forever and if I can help from France, I’ll try. Have a nice day, week, end of year and year 2019. Hugs from France


@butzwassergott Thanks for your story! I will totally agree that this family is amazing! I can’t say I’ve seen a community more accepting than the LP community. I love seeing all the uplifting posts (or even just the humorous ones). I really do think of this community as a family! :smile:

Thank you for posting and like LP13413 said, if you ever need anything at all we are here for you!

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Take care. And, by advance, a merry Christmas to all LP family members