This FAIL is brought to you by me

Bought a new vehicle yesterday. Traded in my old. Had my original LPU sticker cling on the back windshield

Forgot to take it off [cry] now I do not have one. I have doubles of a lot of stickers but not of this vinyl one. So super fail on my part.

I feel sorry for you! :confused:

I would try to cheer you up but that IS a pretty big fail lol but hey it happens to the best of us man.


aww!!! that sucks!!! that’s an LPU3 vinyl if i remember correctly. is there any way you can get it back?

Poor you! Where did you get it BTW?

awww damn…couldn’t you call the guy to try to get it back ??

So at least you inreased the price of the car!

You can’t get it back? Go and ask the new owner. Hope it works.

Try to call the new owner and ask wether you can get it

Do not worry man, things like that happen

Drive is two hours away. I am going to call him because I need to ask him something else as well. Maybe he can send it. Hopefully they didn’t clean it all off already.

owned. :3


:confused: oh dear that is a pitty sry to hear it :S

Ouch. That sucks :confused:

I hope you get it back! :slight_smile:

I really hope you get it back! fingers crossed!!!

aaahw derek that sucks :frowning: don’t you have the adress from the guy who bought it? to take it back?

awh man. looked bad-ass!! i want too xD