They told me I can draw :)

I’m sure it isn’t the best you’ve ever seen. :smiley: But I tried. And I just do love drawing and painting. :slight_smile: I’ll add some more soon. :slight_smile: (btw. sorry for bad quality, but my scanner doesn’t work so I had to take a photo:D)

So I hope you’ll like it. :slight_smile:

Didn’t open for me? Try or something?

Oh, I was afraid that the link won’t work :frowning: But thank you for an advice! :slight_smile:

Now it’s working… and wow awesome job!

looks great! :smiley:

Thank you soooo much! :slight_smile: I’m a little bit angry because of quality, my scanner just decided to stop working :smiley: But I’m glad you like it! :)) Thanks again!

wow ** it looks really great, awesome job! I wish I could draw people that good too LOL

Ohh, thank you so much, Ema! :slight_smile: I do enjoy drawing and I’m really glad if people like my works! It’s the best reward for me :slight_smile:

wow totally awesome

Linkin Park told you that? Wow, what an honor! And they are definitely right! You are really talented. And I love how you captured his eyes :). That’s for me the best part of this drawing :).

Great job, looks amazing.

Linkin Park didn’t tell me that - unfortunately :smiley: With the word “they” I thought my family and my friends. :slight_smile: In the other hand who knows - anything can happen, so I’ll wait :smiley: :slight_smile: But thank you so much, anyway! :slight_smile: I’m really glad that you like it! And I have to say, Chester’s eyes are beautifully big so they’re really good for drawing :slight_smile: Thank you again!

Thank you ALL so much! I had no idea that my work will have so many positive comments! But I’ll accept critic too, of course! Thanks, guys!

This is amazing!

Thank you so much! I do appreciate it!

absolutely amazing
and great tattoo details

That is soooooo sooo sooo amaziing!!! omg that is like the paper twin of chester lol! [biggrin]

Thank you SO MUCH, guys!!
Today I had quite hard and endless working day and this’s the best reward for me!

Thanks for the praise of his tattoo, I worked on it for almost 2 days. :slight_smile:
And paper twin of Chester? :smiley: That’s nice! :smiley: In this case I should draw Chester in his life size so I could say he’s my roommate :smiley:

By the way I’m sooo glad you like it! I’ll make another one soon :slight_smile:

Love the colors more than anything else, nice combination of red-orange-blue-green.
ur damn good, keep it up, and keep sharing with us ur stuff.

Thank you so, so much!
I tried to capture Chester’s tattoos the best possible way and it took me a whole day to paint it :smiley: But I’m glad that my try was successful and you like it!
I promise, I’ll share another one soon :slight_smile: