They are the best!

They are Hybrid Theory from Portugal. Please support their work and share it.
Hybrid Theory are the best Linkin Park tribute band of the World!


:blue_heart::blue_heart: Especially love they’re from Portugal

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Seeing them in Oz in Feb. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Don’t know what to say. But…
If I had any potential (and they have), I wouldn’t dress up as Chester and Mike in 2017 (‘Rob’ seems too thin) but play my own music (maybe even inspired by LP).

Hello! Yes, they are from Portugal!

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Hello! I’ve seen them for three times already - and the band is absolutely fantastic. Hybrid Theory are a great tribute. You will love seeing and hearing them live.

Hello! Hybrid Theory are a Linkin Park tribute band and they are wonderful. They are honouring the huge Linkin Park legacy and they are doing it with all their love and profissionalism. Thanks for your commentary.

Yeah I know. My family is too. That’s why I said I love they are from Portugal.

Hello! I’m from Portugal too!!

They’re pretty good… but I’m not a fan of tribute bands.
Nothing beats original music. Maybe they should try it. They definitly have the skills.
And why dress up like that? Don’t they have a personal opinion and image? Now they just look like copycats/clones.

And not to be the forum police, but two threads in two months about the same band?? Some here won’t like that, just saying…

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Hello friend. It’s ok not being a fan of tribute bands.
Thank you for your commentary.
Hybrid Theory are a hard-working tribute band and they are just being respectful to the wonderful Linkin Park legacy.
You are in your right not to like tribute bands, but there are some people who enjoy it. Best wishes for you, soldier!

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yes, of course, I don’t say they shouldn’t exist.
And as I’ve seen on the video, a whole lot of people like them.
And don’t get me wrong, they are good…
Just not my thing or the way I should do it.
But I hope they’ll grow big (and maybe bring out a song of their own one day :wink:)

They are new in the business and I believe the band want to play their own songs too.
They are just starting their international career too, and yes, they are impressive when playing live, because they are a really excelent tribute band.
Thank you, Soldier. Hybrid Theory are trying to keep Linkin Park spirit alive, by covering the LP band songs, and releasing their own songs, someday. Have a nice day!! :slight_smile: