The young LPUers

Im just curious… how young can the LPU get? im 17, i was 16 when i joined LPU.

I’m 15 and joined when i was 13.

16 (also 17) now and I joined to LPU when I was 15

well i joined when i was 15 and im sitll 15

I am 17 right now. I’ve been a member of LPU for over four years so I was 13 or 12 when I first joined.

Im 14 and when I got LPUX I was 12.

I joined when i was 12 and i am now 15.
3 Years LPU’er proud

Joined this year, i’m 13.

Joined when i was 13 and Im 14 now. But i used my dads LPU since LPU came out so ive techanically been a LPUer for a LONG TIME!!!

Im 13

I’m 13 joined when i was 13 :stuck_out_tongue:

15, joined when I was 14 :slight_smile:

Joined when I was 16 now 20, waited til I had a job lol.

I’m 16, I was 14 when I joined– I joined immediately after the summit in Chicago was announced lol

I’m 19 right now but joined when I was 14. I know we have a 7 year old in here which is pretty dope!

I’m currently 17, I joined when I was 12. c:

I am 15:)