The Return of Battle of the Songs: The Rising Tied New Edition

So I have a new idea for this B.O.T.S: FM: TRT

So, this is how it works
All the songs will compete until Wednesday morning
The bottom 4 will be evicted and then the rest will battle again and again the bottom 4 will be evicted
In this format you will be able to vote for 5 songs

  • Remember The Name
  • Red To Black
  • Where’d You Go
  • Believe Me
  • Petrified
  • Kenji
  • Be Somebody
  • The Hard Way
  • Slip Out The Back
  • There They Go
  • Right Now
  • High Road
  • In Stereo
  • Feel Like Home
  • Cigarettes
  • Get Me Gone
  • Back Home
  • The Battle

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That is an awesome idea!


So would I be correct in thinking that the prev FM BOTS results are being thrown out the window?

Also, wouldn’t it be a good idea to show who voted again?

Wow, that’s hard. Oh well.

That was tough! I like the new format though :slight_smile:

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;D

Hi :3

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So, if I understand correctly, say 16 songs compete. Then 4 are out of the competition. Then the next 12 face same contest until another 8 are relegated?

I know you wouldn’t take this idea, but mix and match. Relegate - Round Robin - Knockout.

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This is tougher , but more interesting :slight_smile:

meme :3 hello :3

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Wasn’t sure how to combine the two
I knew i could do multi vote with the public viewing but not limited multi choice

something like that up until there is 4 left