The point system on profile..?

What does the collection of points mean…?? Its my first time to LPU, Ive been meaning to join alonggg time ago but never did lol. THANKS! =)

Kind of confused about it myself…from what I’m reading though, you get points for how much you socialize on the site (comments forum posts and the like) of course, this is just from what I’ve found in my few hours on the network, so don’t quote me on this, LOL!!

What you use the points for however, I have no friggin clue yet, lol!

You can exchange your points for T-Shirts, Posters, etc. from the shop. Check them out here:

Ohhh ok it makes sense now =) thanks alot!

Free stuff for hanging around on the website? AWESOME!

We already have the same thread, hope this will answer your questions :
LPU Points Item Thread or this one Points Thread

And welcome to LPU :3

Yeah, it’s the first time on here for me too. Glad I wasn’t the only one that didn’t get the point system. I’m late but I’m glad you found an answer! :slight_smile:

This is funny bc I joined yesterday and had to figure the points system out…LOL!