The password for the I-Days Milano 2017 ticket pre-sale

Hello guys, I would like to purchase the pre-sale of tickets for the concert on 17 June in Milan, but to buy them I need a code that I should have as a member of LPU. Where can I find this code since my account is not reported? thank you Luca (Rome-Italy)

same thread here, have a look before creating new topics guys!!! keep it clean!

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you… I should take two tickets in pre-sale, but I do not find this coupon code!!!

If you are a LPU member, the code should be below your profile picture at

I know, but there is no code! I am desperate!!! If anyone has its own code, and want to purchase the tickets, you can buy two tickets + PIT pass for me before they finish? Thanks anyway…

only thing is maybe getting a code from a soldier, who won t buy, wish you luck , man

Thank you my friend, I managed to solve … I had to edit my account! A hug

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very nice… so we meet in Italy Soldier :hugging: me sooo excited… :heart_eyes:

Sorry to interfere but how did you actually manage to solve the problem? I’m stuck with no promotional code! Thanks

Looking at your profile, it doesn’t seem to say you are an LPU member

where do I find the code to put on the purchase of tickets? HELP

It’s under your profile picture.

I don’t find the code too

@jFar920 how do you become an lpu member?

@daila, you’re profile says that you aren’t currently an LPU member. If you should be and it’s not showing up, contact LPU support at

@annejprado, you can join the LP Underground at, but at the moment, the $40 package seems to be out of stock. LPU16 is coming soon, so it’s probably worth waiting for that.

For everyone else that’s still lost, make sure you are on If you are on there, you should see information that looks similar to the picture below (if you can’t see both arrows, click the picture).

Next to the first arrow is the section where your pre-sale code should be. It’s blurred out in this picture for obvious reasons. If you don’t see this section, you probably don’t have an active LPU membership. If you have an active membership, there should be a section saying so next to the second arrow. If you’re positive you paid for a membership and it hasn’t expired, contact LPU support at

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