The My Cookie Thread


Haven’t watched it :stuck_out_tongue: -but drinking my coffee- perfect option to get back

MY COOKIE :cookie:


I want my cookie!


Here is an interesting article:


Now I take my cookie.

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my cookie!


Dafuq kinda cookies are those?


Man so Long noc Cookie,…time tto take



came here to get my cookie

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I’m baaaaaack!!! So MY COOKIE! :grin: :yum:

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No, you aren’t!

My cookie!


enough fighting for cookies. :roll_eyes: I guess now the cookie should come back to the original owner :cookie: :smirk: I take back my cookie!!

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Thank you I would like my cookie back :grin:


Your welcome. I’d like to have my cookie back too :stuck_out_tongue:


My cookie!


Waaaait! You did them!?! :hushed:
Btw… they seem for Christmas… :thinking: :grin:

While you change the decoration for non-Christmas ones, I take back MY cookie! :yum: :grinning:

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Ok, they were old and long gone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Keep your :cookie:
Till next time :kissing_heart:

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I take mine too :grin: :cookie: