The month all Linkin Park fans spend the year waiting for


I love this song.

Not every fan… it’s not like you can’t listen to the song sometime else. I’ll never understand this “hype” fans (of not just LP) have to post the song that has a month’s name in that month. Most of the time, the songs have nothing to do with that month anyways (i.e Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day, Make It Stop by Rise Against etc).


I just listen to the song whenever.

Nice that you are excited for December.
For me it’s just a month like any other (except for Christmas but that has nothing to do with LP), this year especially because they haven’t announced anything new so far. : (

If LP announces new releases (might be early for that though) or tourdates this month I’d be actually excited about December as a fan.

But I’ll make sure to listen to My December more often than I do the rest of the year. : )

Enjoy your month!

Haven’t listened to these songs for a long time…

This is probably reaching, but what if the first download song for LPU15 is this month and it’s the unreleased My December remix from Reanimation. That would be pretty cool

So glad I own the Hybrid Theory copy w/ bonus tracks (High Voltage and My December) to play it through my house^^

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I think it’s gonna be January but that’d be cool!

I was thinking January is most likely, too, but at the same time, that would land the last song on November 2016 and LPU16 would most likely be released that month, too

Reality happens while we are planning it, we can only wait and see :(( up to now they didn´t manage until today to do the LPU site changed, …

This reminds me of the Green Day fans that flood my Facebook news feed with “Wake Me Up When September Ends” every October first.

Or the " It’s Gonna Be May (Mé)" before May

True, it could be late December then? Like, in between Christmas and New Years.