The Messenger Acoustic Cover

I recorded this cover with a friend and she completely improvised the second voice. We thoutht it was good so we decided to share it here.


Heeeey :blush: thank you for sharing the cover with us! It was great! Truly meant to come back and comment but I’ve been MiA for a big part, anyway there’s a topic in here, Karaoke Corner I think, where I’d you’d feel up to it, I’m sure people would love to hear more :blush:
It’s about time we revive it anyway :grin: we had had a little contest but I fell off the wagon keeping it going a while back after I ran into some things
Anyway, thank you! You both did an awesome job! :blush:

Thank you very much :grin: Me and my friend are very happy to read this.
I think I should check out the Karaoke Corner when I get time.