The LP Video Game

Hey guys,

It’s new game time and this one is really easy.

The idea is to post a screenshot of one of Linkin Park’s music videos (live performances are not to be included) and you have to guess which song it’s from. If you guess correctly, you get to post a screenshot.

If one of you guys has posted a particularly difficult one, they are to give the answer and tag someone else to upload a pic after 3 incorrect guesses.

So, as it’s the first one I thought I’d start easy:-

Good luck guys and happy guessing!


Of course, it’s In The End.

Until It’s Gone

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Final Masquerade

That’s a good one. Is it the Points of Authority remix off Reanimation?


I think that you could update the rules. Maybe something like: “after 3 wrong guesses the person, who has uploaded the screenshot gives the right answer and tags someone else”


Good idea Nick.

Rules now updated.

My second guess is What I’ve Done.

No. it’s Frgt/10
So, let @theearlywalker go next

That was only 2 guesses. But OK, we will let Pat go next.

Oh, sorry. It’s just me )

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sry guys, on my way already, I join in later, go on for now… @NickGr :joy:

Fine then…

Is it Given up?

Until it’s gone?


Boo yah!!

Here’s mine:-

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A Cure For The Itch


Yes, you go)