The Forum is BACK!

Finally the login are working, but this is the old version o.O

The visuals need updating, but hopefully that will come soon

I made a new design myself for fun while I waited for the login to be fixed, though

I have to say, is PERFECT!

U r really good

Yeah, the white background isn’t doing it for me.

They Update the page =D it is the same like TripleXero made?

Mine didn’t update yet, I think. Unless I’m missing something

Mine hasn’t updated yet either, unless @LinkFer is referring to the main site.

so we have to tell the HQ to engage you in future, to fix all up, fast, nice and usefull, @TripleXero ero Mb you write an engagement note after univrsity or shool or even yet to get working there as computer-graphic-design-supervisor…

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This is good! Hope they do more update soon, since the recent update didn’t work on mine

¡Ol señor!

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Speaking of the forums, @TripleXero noticed that everyone has access to the blue (aka LPU) categories. Is that still the deal? Can someone confirm it?

I though @TripleXero only knew that the view has been reset, when did he mention about the blue categories?

He didn’t mention it here since he couldn’t log in, but even so he was able to read everything despite being logged out (blue categories included), that’s why I’m asking.

Oh, no, I was just showing the 39. It’s an inside joke

oooooooohhhhhhhh, is that what that is?

Shhhhh, nobody heard/read anything…

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