The first 500 members

Hi guys. I was lucky enough to be one of the first 500 to join the underground…so proud of my signed cd I got…I’ve had a break for a few years but with Chester passing felt I needed my family…any original members still here…remembering the good memories…


welcome back :smiley: and make new good experiences with us inhere, lucky you- it must be exciting as they joined in from time to time, right?

Hi…thank you…its good to be back…yes the early days on here was different. The guys would suddenly come on here . We could chat there and then. Sometimes it would be a quiet day and suddenley chester was on…or mike…etc…i was lucky enough to go to 3 meet and greets in the uk…the underground was a small comunity back then. Iam heartbroken as everyone else. …xx


Ohh lucky you, chatting with Chaz must have been pure fun :joy:- as we are all this sad- it feels very cozy inhere, standing side by side by side :sunny:

Was one of the original lpu’ers in 2002. I was jadechaz6981.

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Hi…great to hear from you. Ive been away from here for a while and its very different…are you in touch with any other original members i was linkingirl…

I actually re connected with a former hs classmate on the LPU. I gotta go back and check what her name was in here but because of Linkin Park. We reconnected.

what cd did they band sign for you when you were one of the first 500 members

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They Hybrid Theory EP. I lost my copy when I had it with me for the Nassau Coliseum show back in 2004. Lost over $200 worth of CDs. My copy wasn’t signed. I had joined in May of 2002.

I’m also one of the first 500 to join and just love my signed cd. I actually was looking at it the other day…this has really been heartbreaking.

I think I joined in fall (maybe summer) of 2002. I also took a bit of a break and have come back. Wish I never left :frowning: so heartbreaking what happened :frowning: good to be back home though. The LPU sure has changed… I don’t remember my original user name lol buzz kill!! Two meet and greets here. I remember coming on and Mike or Brad posting about something or chatting with people. Those were the days!

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Hey guys. If you have a signed Hybrid Theory EP that means you were one of the first 500, right? If so, I am one of the lucky :slight_smile: However I can’t for the life of me remember what my old username was. Something like MTXtitanium I think. Is there a way to go back and look? Like a few others I’ve been away for a while. Now it’s going to be the most painful regret that I carry with me the rest of my life. I used to talk a lot with a guy named Mick. Sound familiar to anyone?

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That username sounds really familiar to me. I think I was MTXtitanium

this is a pic from the meet up we did way back in 2002 in NYC


I didn’t know they signed the first 500. That’s awesome! Congratulations :slight_smile: cherish that forever :slight_smile: if I had gotten into a third meet and greet I would have had them sign my Hybrid Theory EP I bought from the store when they reissued it. Great first LPU package prize :slight_smile:


One of the 500 first members? This is a honour, glad you’re back here with us! It surely will not be like 15 years ago, but you can surely find the same love in the LP Family. :heart:

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Wow first 500 members that’s awesome I joined back in 2002 myself when I was 18 years old great memories loved it it was just a year I didn’t renew my membership great to have you back

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