The Deep Songs Thread

I am a very critical person when it comes to listening to music. I have always had the idea that lyrics make the song “stick out” in a way and contain certain topics within it that can make a person think another way. I myself write lyrics like this and just wanted to open up a thread to songs YOU feel have a strong meaning towards them. I will be posting one a day, but if you feel that a song has a DEEP meaning to it, just post it here! So let me start!

To me, along with Alina’s soothing voice, it tells about a person that they want to get to know them better and “undress” them, in a double meaning of getting to know them. To make them feel that everything is ok. It’s mainly about love but its just a beautiful song from a very underrated artist.

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I don’t know about really deep meanings but Crushed by Parkway drive and Decoy by Sybreed have some pretty good lyrics. It’s a shame that I can’t actually make most of the lyrics out in Decoy when listening to the song.



@Woco21 I like it too She has a soothing voice almost like Rhianna. It would be something I’d play when relaxing or just listen to.

@the_termin8r Never heard of these bands ,but they are good. The kind of music I listen to mostly at work I’ll have to start checking them out. I have always been into metal especially the guitars . drives me crazy. Also the wispy voices. The guys at work like my choice in music. They say I have good taste.But I dont just listen ( I hear ) I play them over and over to learn every beat —and the lyrics by heart

Parkway drive are an Australian metalcore band, their earlier stuff is not my sort of thing, lots of noise and screaming, like early OMAM. Crushed is from their last album (Ire) which is awesome.

Sybreed are a Swiss band that aren’t around anymore, they have a weird, heavy/industrial/techno vibe to them but they have some pretty serious lyrics. Decoy is from their debut album (Slave design), their later albums are pretty heavy too but have more electronic aspects to them, I think SD was their best.

Both Slave Design and Ire are albums worth listening to.

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This may not necessarily be a “deep” song, but I still find it interesting nonetheless.

One of my favorite albums from the last few years is an album called This is How the Wind Shifts by the Canadian band Silverstein.

There’s a song called “This is How”

There’s also a song called “The Wind Shifts”.

Seperately, they’re their own songs (obviously), but when you overlap them, you get a different song entirely.


@LP13413 I also like this

@the_termin8r Parkway Drive’s Crushed video and lyrics have a deepness to them. The video is just insane with symbolism.

These lyrics hit me:

When you can’t see, and you can’t feel the disease
Can you seek a higher truth

Sybreed’s Decoy reminds me of Alice in Chains “A Little Bitter”. In which Layne Staley questions if all his decisions are his or some anonymous entity makes him make those choices.

Thank you VERY much for these songs. I REALLY liked “Crushed”.

@LP13413 Interesting concept here, 2 songs make one, feeling of wanting to be safe and the other having that fear that they won’t be loved at the end. It sounds pretty bad ass together IMO. Thanks for this!

@kathy357 stay tuned, I’m sure many more can contribute and your taste can grow even more! :smiley:


There are DEEP songs spanning in different genres, the next one is one of my faves:

I listened to this yesterday, and it just helped me reflect and make connections. Childish Gambino seems to be questioning his existence, everything he has done in his life. The music itself just compliments the lyrics so well as it is soothing to the ears, kind of meditative in a way.

Holy bison! That is freaking amazing, I’ll definitely check this band out

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One of my favorite things about Silverstein is how most of their releases are concept albums. With This is How the Wind Shifts, there are two different stories that mirror each other (the title track is the only case in which the songs overlap).


Arrivals and Departures coincidentally enough, is the title of another one of their albums.


You are right. It’s neat when you overlap them

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Today’s song is from Chester’s side band “Dead By Sunrise”, they are actually 2.


Chester, in both these songs. I feel is expressing how pretty much everything is negatively represented in “End of the World”. How the world is full of chaos and hoping it all gets better.

In Walking in Circles, its pretty straight forward and to the point. People are so lost in their ideas of becoming “someone” in society, that they actually don’t see all else around them. Its creepy now…


And continuing with Deep songs, Linkin Park isn’t left back for sure.

Wastelands to me, is a song that says A LOT in it. The world keeps falling into the wrong things, and in despair. But yet the decisions we get, just don’t benefit us at all. It’s a lose/lose situation. The downward spiral just continues as we are meant to lose. Being forced to choose between the wrong things.

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That’s funny, I never thought of Wastelands as a deep song :smile: The lyrics are really cool though! (As is the instrumental)

I Love this song and it does say alot.

Reviving this thread :smiley:

Dig Down by Muse. I could list anything by this band, but I choose a recent song and because of its optimistic message. When all seems lost, dig down deep inside and you will find faith. Don’t ever give up the fight!


That’s a nice message😊

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Awesome lyrics right here :sunglasses:



I love the deep simplicity on it- awesome lyrics! :sunglasses: