The Dark Knight

the 2nd movie the dark knight was the best and how could you forget joker wat a performance r.i.p heath!

I really loved this 3 movies. They are part of my favorite movies. I can’t choose between The dark knight and The dark knight rises too! For the villain, i choose the Joker even if Bane is an incredible character and especially the play of Tom Hardy. Anyway all the actors of this trilogy are amazing.

Dark knight with the joker is the best. Can’t beat Heath ledgers performance

I don’t have words to describe this trilogy.

But I think the second movie wins! Joker it’s an masterpiece as an villain![biggrin]

I loved The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight was amazing but I feel Rises was better. The Joker and Bane are at a tie for the best villain. Ledger did amazing and so did Bane.

the new one dark knight rises was amazing though dark knight had a very good villain -joker :o