The Copy/Paste game

Hope there isn’t already a similar thread. Let’s play the copy/paste game! Just paste [ctrl v] the last thing you copied [ctrl c] in the forum. I’ll start:



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premature ajumpulation

We Teach The Web

peripheral vision

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I don’t know, I just thought it would all work out like how it did in my head. I told myself I wouldn’t be wrong again and just like rain, it all fell, and I couldn’t do anything

R$ 5.485,95 (my dues) :disappointed:

btw: That’s some impressive gear right there. Mister Shinoda sure likes buttons.

A new version of Set B debuted at this show: ‘With You’, ‘Rebellion’, ‘Somewhere I Belong’, and ‘Until It’s Gone’ were dropped, and ‘From The Inside’ and ‘A Place For My Head’ was added into the set

Directly from another topic hahah

I copied and pasted two times, we enter into a vortex

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filled with awe or wonder.
“he spoke in a hushed, awed whisper”


… and then there is LPU post lunch :smiley:

This place is indeed becoming quite a habit :stuck_out_tongue:

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