The Christmas Thread

For these dates is very common that everyone want to send wishes to others. Thinking in that I created this topic.

Here you can send all the good wishes to other without get lost.

Feel free to share everything relationated with the Christmas celebration and the New Year.

Wha would you like recieve as gift?
Do you love this season?
Do you have a history that want to share? You are more than welcome!
How do you celebrate it in your family/country?


Very cool idea, uh I’ll start by saying I’m going up to Oregon to spend it with my uncle, it’s out in a little tiny town and it’s all fields and wilderness so it’s awesome to get out there away from this concrete jungle


Firstly - Meri Kirihimete :christmas_tree: to those who celebrate it, and to those who don’t…Happy Holiday Season!

I would love to receive a winning lotto ticket! I don’t mind the season - but I don’t ‘love’ it. Our family isn’t very Christmasy…we just get together, eat until we are fat, and then argue on our fat asses until we can’t take it no more, then I escape to go home - then don’t eat for 3 days. :smiley:

Typically though - NZ Christmases are about summer and barbeques and beaches and camping and flowering pohutukawa trees, and really really bad TV.


Every year Christmas comes around, I say that this is going to be the year I just sit back and enjoy the season, not getting stressed. Ha! Yea right! Here it is, 3 days till Christmas and I still have shopping and wrapping to do. I completely spaced on going to mall for Santa pictures with my 5 year old. :cry: This year was super stressful, started homeschooling my son. So, I am struggling with being mom, teacher, and “Santa helper” Let’s just say, Heavy has been on repeat all of December! But I am sure all the stress will be worth it when my little one is opening his presents on Christmas morning :heart_decoration::christmas_tree::gift:


Your family should meet my family on Christmas because all we do is fight during the holidays

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One year me and my mom got thrown out on Christmas morning and my mom boyfriend went to jail 3 days before Christmas so I not a big fan of the holidays but one good thing come out of it was my early Christmas present

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I think is a great idea to do this. That way ever one can say marry Christmas to Each other. I love Christmas I always call my family if i can’t see them.


Merry Christmas!

I can’t believe we actually have some snow on the ground this year, the last few Christmases have been hit-or-miss.

Gifts? Waking up that morning is a good enough gift for me! (an LPU package under the tree wouldn’t hurt, either).

Every year growing up, we would always celebrate the holidays at my grandparents’ house. It was a fairly big family gathering on my mom’s side. Until my cousins all started growing up, getting married and starting families of their own. Until my grandparents eventually passed on, leaving us all to go our separate ways and start up new traditions. Now we just have an immediate-family dinner here at home. Some years, my dad’s sister and my cousin and/or one of my mom’s brothers will spend dinner with us, too.

The holiday for us is also a time of remembrance.
Click here, please.


I don’t have words to express my gratitude with all of you, even if I had them, they wouldn’t be enough.

There are like 100 soldiers with whom I speak, but for the time and the rush, I only publish part of my gift now:


Over the darkness world where all the hope is lost and there is nothing else to see, but a weak light on the horizon shine saying: “remember all the sadness and frustration and let it go…”

A voice from that light tell us a history, its history, pay attention:

Where the stars sing, your light shines by itself over that dark world covering in white rays the yours.

A soldiers appear running to reach your fire. In a park, they look around it searching through the shadows and that mist. What are they looking for? You!

Their friends need your lights. Where are the angels singing? Those soldiers won’t give up in their fight against the dark, even if your light goes out. Our will will be the path.

Keep showing us your energy and together we will protect each other and our world from that black presence. This light is their leader, and those warriors are ourselves!

Without anyone realized it, the history that the voice told them became into the reality. Now with all the problems we have in our own lives, we always take care of the others, because we are not friends, we are family, and together we scream:


Whenever we are now: #LongLifeLinkinPark

There is not need to say be strong, we are strong! So I just say: Don’t forget that I love you all and love the life!


That’s soooo sooooo beautiful… your words make me smile and cry at the same time… thank you soooo sooo much for your beautiful gift! I’ll keep it in my heart for ever… :heart: I’m very happy to be part of this kind incredible family!! :heart:

This! :heart: :muscle:

This! :heart:
It doesn’t matter how “black” our lives can be…together we can shine, even a little and together it will be a burning fire! :fire: :sun_with_face: :muscle: :sparkles:

Thank you very much dear brother! :heart: :hugs:

Merry Christmas my dear soldiers all over the world!! :heart: :hugs: :sun_with_face:


Hi my soldiers! I’ ve been very lost these days. I’ve been working too much and studying for my exams.

@IronSoldier16 beautiful words.:kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::purple_heart::purple_heart: I’m waiting to have dinner with family. And I want all of you to know that I’m very happy to be part of this amazing anf helpful family. I know I’m still new here,I don’t know everybody here, but it doesn’t matter I love you all. I’m not the closest person in the world but you can talk to me whenever you want and when you are sad and life will be hard!:kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

Merry Christmas soldiers!!! Lift each other up and stay strong!! Love :purple_heart::purple_heart:


I what to wish a marry Christmas to all of my lp family and i hope that you all that you wish for and have a very blessed time with your family. I love the holiday and spend time my family. But these last 2 years my youngest son live with his dad and it so hard to see hem on Christmas i get to see hem on every other weekend but it always fun to see both of my boys together.


We have an xmas tradition in my family where we actually open our presents on xmas eve. This year I got the Lego technic 42066 air race jet. I was surprised at the complexity of the build, it wasn’t hard but it packed some impressive compact mechanisms. Pics below; I’d post gifs too but it’s easier to link a review video.




Size comparison against Banshee:



…,. @Aj7











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…, @gEorkost
…,. @NoireXJasper