The Bunker/Command


In picking killing methods.


One has to be extra careful… When crossing the roads in Amsterdam… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I forgot what this thread was for? :thinking: is the name changed?


This was for when Charles was burning the forums lol.

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It’s for days like today when you return to the forums and deliver a tsunami of posts :joy: In a good way of course! :grin:


Take cover everyone, shots fired. :joy:


Alrightyyyy! :joy::joy::joy: I got it! Yep.
Maybe the thread was especially made for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yo! :gun: :fire: :joy::joy:


Okay I guess we can up this thread again

How is everyone

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Dear!!so we came back to secret place lol


Yes ( until mods get here)


Shots fired? Well i will get my massive nerf gun then (and the tiny one that stays sneaky soldier in my sock) ⚝


The small ones are more potent than the big ones. I had a Stampede and Jolt at one point, the jolt was better as a gun and at a fraction of the price. Being shot in the Adam’s apple at near point blank with a jolt is pretty unpleasant.


Im sorry but i did laugh when u said you got shot in the apple lol

My big ones strength is in their range. I can be inside and shoot my boyfriend before he even gets inside the gate outside :sunglasses:


It had me keeled over for a few secs. Do you use modified guns? Because my Jolt could give the Stampede a run for its money in everything apart from firing rate. Maybe they’ve improved over the past few years.


Yeah slightly modified the small one just the restrictor. Aussie nerfs are actually required to be crappier…annoying right…toys r us is broke now but so im gonna see if i can grab a steal. The large one is unmodified…it is a bolt action rifle type dealie from the zombie series but with a clip and it basically fires as fast as i can pump it…and i can pump it :sunglasses:

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Feeling like entering the bunker rn and don’t come ever out again - can sbd close the door behind me?


Heeey dear! What happened?all fine?? :confused: here’s have a biiig sunnny hug :sun_with_face: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:


Thaaaanx dear - and good that you are here- :hugs: and thanx for caring- and please open up the door again- Mike announced a german show- so no more bunker for me :joy::joy: LET ME OUT :heart_eyes:


Yaaaay!!! :tada: :hugs: :sun_with_face:

grabbing the key and opening the door!!!
:blush: :grin:

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:kissing_heart: :hugs: thanx :heart_eyes:

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