The beauty of an ever questioning mind


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A few people know my stance on this situation. I think the thread would get locked and possibly me getting banned if I say this stuff in the LPU forum. I hope you get hints of what I am trying to reach at with this.

I even forgot I wrote this song, I just found it in a booklet I was reading and it dropped out. I really thought this got lost. There’s a lot more to it, but due to its nature, It would be nuts to post here entirely.

Looking a bit further down the line
I declined
To listen to the story they refined
Closing the case
In an instant, and that this occurred in this place
But it was a race
Against time
So lemme chime
In, a little bit on what I’m
Thinking really happened that day
It’s hard for me to say
These words, but from night 'til day
I been thinking this way
That there definitely was foul play
And it revolved
On a little “issue” that needed to be resolved
And it evolved
Into looking deeper than what appeared
Deeper than what I feared
But I’ll be sincere
This isn’t for the feint of heart
So, lets start
A part
Of me, died when I heard the news


Ummmmm… What news? Could I ask? Is it a secret? :thinking:
I’m confused… I can’t make a connection right now… :exploding_head:

@rickvanmeijel you??


This verse could be about any news story, but I believe it’s about Chester due to the last lines:


:thinking: :dizzy_face: You’re veeeeery clever! :smile:


Yes, @rickvanmeijel is correct, I used “Part of Me” as an indicator, since it is an LP song after all. I can’t go too deep into it but here is a small clue. Listen to the call, tell me if there are any “mistakes” on it. I won’t go any further than that. If you are intrigued, there are other means to communicate.


Didn’t even catch that. It’s these little things that make your lyrics stand out


Of course, be VERY analytical of mine and ALL lyrics. They always hold hints, and they can mean other things than what is originally proposed.


I understand what you mean:

It’s the same reason why that interview last year asking Mike about whether “sinister hands” were involved had a lot of backlash and was removed


Definitely, and not many fans would understand the pieces of the puzzle that connect. There’s so much I would love to say, to try to pave the way, but it would not be appropriate.

I have decided to give my mind some peace, and well deserved rest at the moment, and need to figure out things I want to do in life. I feel like I have wasted my best years either trying to help and wake others up, but not focusing on myself. With that I leave you guys a parting gift. Thank you all for the support and hopefully everything I have written on my posts can be of help to those that seek clarity of the dire situation we currently live in.


I decided to post the Spanish Song lyrics here, translated and such.

Spanish Song:

Es que a veces ni yo mismo me comprendo (Its that sometimes I myself don’t comprehend)
Pero entiendo (But I understand)
Que hay algo detrás de las acciones sucediendo (That their is something behind these actions happening)
Algo malvado (Something evil)
Que nos ha estado sofocando (That has been suffocating us)
Los que están al mando (Those in charge)
Dicen que cambio llegará, pero para cuando? (Tell us change will come, but when?)
Nada cambiara (Nothing will change)
Siempre se Aplazara (It will always be stalled)
Porque el control mandara (Because the control rules)
Nosotros no somos lo que creemos (We aren’t what we think we are)
Somos mucho más que las apariencias que vemos (We are much more than the appearances we see)
Pero engañados desde el momento que nacemos (But lied to since the moment of our birth)
Este rompecabezas (This puzzle)
No es fácil de ver, te alejas (Isn’t easy to see, and you stray away)
De tu destino, mientras rezas (From your destiny, meanwhile you pray)
Por lujos de lo material (For materialistic luxuries)
Te desvias en corrupciones de lo virtual (Get diverted in virtual corruptions)
Creando un mundo irreal (Creating and unreal/fictional world)
Felizmente un esclavo (Happily a slave)
El mago (The magician)
Te ha hipnotizado (Has hypnotized you)
Para que no cuestiones (To not question)
Ni menciones (or mention)
Estas realizaciones (These realizations)
Sigas felizmente dormido (To sleep happily)
Sigas sin valor, porque has sufrido (To not have courage, because you have suffered)
Deshaciendote de tus sueños porque los han destruido (Getting rid of your dreams, that they have destroyed)
He vivido (I’ve lived)
Tanto tiempo en mi mente, que pienso, qué hubiera sucedido (So much time in my mind, that I ponder what would have happened)
Si fuera al reves (If it was backwards)
Talvez (Maybe)
No podría ver la vida comparada con el ajedrez (I wouldn’t see the world compared to chess)
Porque todo está en blanco y negro (Because everything is in white and black)
Hasta la mesa del juego (Even the game-table)
Pero te ruego (But I beg of you)
Que no te dejes engañar (Don;t let yourself be lied to)
Ponte a soñar (Start to dream)
En un mundo mejor (Of a better world)
Que los niños de hoy serán tu sucesor (Because the children of today will be your successors)
Por favor (Please)
Cuidalos y aguarda el dolor (Take care of them and take the pain)
Que el sacrificio y sudor (That the sacrifice and sweat)
De hoy, pintara el mundo de un nuevo color (Of today, will paint the world a new color )
Un color lejos del oscuro y gris (A color far away from black and grey)
Ojala que con mis (Hopefully with my)
Palabras, impacte de pais a pais (Words, will impact from nation to nation)
Quiero hacerte entrar en razón (I want to help you reason)
Que sepas que mis versas vienen desde el corazón (To know that my verses come from the heart)
Y son (And are)
Para influir (To influence)
Y destruir (And destroy)
Las corrupciones y dejarlas morir (The corruptions and let them die)
Hay que dar luz (We need to give light)
A la cruz (To the cross)
Para liberarse de sus (To liberate ourselves from the)
Cadenas (Chains)
En hora buena (In good time)
Hay que cambiar de escena (We need to change scene)
Despierta (Wake up)
La puerta (The door)
A la verdad está abierta (To truth is open)
Tu tienes el poder (You have the power)
Todo lo podemos resolver (We can resolve everything)
Con paz y unidad, deja de ser (With peace and unity, stop being)
Lo que quieren que seas (What they want you to be)
Quítate los lentes para que veas (Take off your glasses so you can see)
Lo que está enfrente de ti, y si deseas (What is in front of you, and if you wish)
Lo mejor (The best)
Por favor (Please)
Rompe el silencio, y por amor (Break the silence, and for the love)
A la humanidad (Of humanity)
Entremos en comunidad (Lets enter into a community)
Es sencillamente una obra de caridad (It is simply an act of charity)