The beauty of an ever questioning mind


If all people followed your lines the world would be a better place to live… :sun_with_face:

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There is A LOT to that honestly. I have opened my eyes completely to what is going on around me. The thing is… many people just don’t see. It is a complicated and controversial subject. Humanity in general has been undermined to pursue things that in the end… don’t matter.

I would love to see a better world. Chester said it best in his last speech. The hate needs to stop, we need to love one another and work together for a better world. I myself, want to at least try and be a primary example of those words. The world is really cruel and cold crumpling by the minute, with wars, homelessness, mental illness, you name it.


Yeah…most of the people just see their own stuff in an egoistical way… :confused: like you said “the world is cruel and cold”… we have to be strong and don’t get suffocated by this kind of people… :muscle: :sun_with_face:

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Song 5 of 5 Today:

“Mainstream” from my 2nd Mixtape “Sane Asylum”. Skipped the 1st as I don’t have many “good” songs on it lol. I LOVE my 2nd mixtape most.

Mainstream came up as an idea when I started hearing rappers like Drake and Future (What the hell is he saying?) only talking and PUSHING certain topics on their songs. So we can say this is a sort of “Diss” track I wrote nearly 2 years ago! Just remember guys, just because its “popular” doesn’t mean its “Good”. So here we go…



Lyrically I’m a dominating force
With no remorse
But I’m sure you all know that by now, of course
Not the same constant theme
Like the mainstream
Money making scheme
Sex and money
Chase the honey
Lust for that playboy bunny
Same message, different artist
They aren’t a chartist
They aren’t the smartest
But get praise
For a simple, overused phrase
I still don’t get what’s the craze?
How can anyone listen to this for days?
But they’ll keeping doing it as long as it pays
The garbage that they promote
Isn’t anything to gloat
About, doing it all for a bank note
You aren’t yourself
Acting like you’re twelve
So put that Mic back on the shelf
You know your rap game is wack
Only good at talking smack
Doing it all for a paper green stack
You sell the beat
Your lyrics are trash at best, you cheat
Can you feel the heat?
When someone calls you out?
Talent? You are without
My words will have you in doubt
Your claim
To fame
Is just the same
As these other trick rappers with a stage name
Your aim
To shame
Playing the same cards in this overplayed game
It’s time for real artists to reclaim
Their place
While we interlace
And erase
The shit spit out by you, at an astronomical pace
People don’t know what they been missing
Same overused bullshit is what I’m dissing
So mother fuckers stand back like snakes and keep hissing

You’re a fake
Does it hurt and ache?
Cheap copy of the last trick rapper for fuck sake
Real artists innovate
Let me demonstrate
We cultivate
Lyrics to illustrate
The fault of our lives that indicate
We need to resonate
So we can rehabilitate
A plan to stipulate
That we won’t assimilate
No longer participate
In a society that starts to discriminate
But eliminate
All that try to manipulate
Do you get what I’m saying?
The image that you are portraying
The lifestyle that you are displaying
The message that you are conveying
Need a slaying
I am not even playing
Watch what you spit
It may be a phony number one hit
But it still ain’t worth shit
You have no other inspiration
Selling your soul, what an abomination
Still a puppet setting himself up for damnation
A weak word
That sounds too absurd
Doesn’t need to be heard
Or have a herd follow
Songs without meaning, so hollow
It’s hard to swallow
You have Apollo
Rolling in his grave
I’m sure this isn’t what he wanted to pave
A slave
To green
No meaning or emotion, like a machine
Your verses
Seem more like curses
As a person’s intelligence it reverses
Having them hooked from early teen years
Even though it’s such a pain to the ears
At least to me it appears
That way
Overused cliche
That’s all you ever will be all day, every day
Essence you lack
Who cares about your gold plaque
Stand back
While I show you how to initiate a rap attack
Simple lyrics don’t cut
Suck in your gut
While I spit out phrases that will make you say “what”?
Keep your smut
Stay in your lyrical rut
While I tell you to keep your mouth shut
Greatest hits?
You have no wits
It’s best to call it quits
While you’re ahead
You already got your bread
Now it’s your verses that I shred
The shit
I spit
Don’t need no ghost writing kit
It’s how I feel
Make these trick rappers kneel
And know that I’m a big fucking deal


Definitely. Unfortunately I feel that these people also have problems and insecurities themselves. The thing is people don’t talk! Everyone portrays an image of “happiness” on social media. But deep inside, they are decaying from the hurt. It’s all a “Mask”.


In case you guys missed it:

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Yeah! :+1:
What rhymes! Well done! :smile:

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Also, just wanted to say what the hidden tracks are on “Cambio Necesario” (In case you heard all 5~ mins of it) in order:

1- Cambio Necesario
2- Pinnacle (Short A Capella)
3- Mike Shinoda talk from “Rock Phenomenon” (Love what he says)
4- Tinfoil (Crappy quality, just listening to it)
5- Breaking the Habit (Short A Capella cover)
6- Busy Days (Ending the cycle, 1st to last mixtape connect this way)

About “From the Darkness to the Light… and Vice Versa”, I started writing this mixtape around February, on a trip to South America. The first song was written during the Airplane flight to the location! Though, I did not finish it then. The first song became now known as “Drank from the Wrong Cup”, which I haven’t released here.

Most of this mixtape’s ideas and composing were done after reading “The Red Book” by Carl Jung, who was one of the founding fathers of psychology. It was a book that took nearly 100 years to print because of circumstances!

I also finished writing a bit before Chester’s death, and I did not record everything until the beginning of August, to finally release in September. In this mixtape I dedicated the last track to Chester along with the BTH A Capella (Short).

I planned on singing either one of these songs… but they were scrapped:

The Down Syndrome (Grey Daze)
The Messenger
One More Light

The last 2 songs really hit me and I just started tearing up that I just cut them off the final version.

I went to the Tribute show in Cali and well recorded some songs as audio and video, unfortunately just a week ago, I broke my phone and well, there goes all that :(. Of course if @purrfectlp could send the files to me again I can share some of them.Purr come out from hiding!!! lol.

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I’m here! :blush::blush::blush: sorry I’ve been busy with life :crazy_face:
I think I still have it on my phone, I’ll check it and send it to you :hugs:

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Awesome! Thanks Purr Purr!


Well, going back to my 1st Mixtape “Where Do I Go? It’s All a Show!” This next track I had a bit of fun doing. It is called “Routine 9 to 5”. It talks about basically work and how it gets “dull” to certain point. You waste your youth practically just working 1/3 of your life almost everyday. When you retire, you’re just too old to do other things. So without further a do…

Routine 9 to 5:


Same old boring routine
I don’t want to seem mean
But I don’t want to make a scene
But this 9 to 5 has gotten so dull
At times thinking of bashing my own skull
Even though all this feeling of lull
What’s success?
In my view, its a regress
In the progress
Of the human being
I don’t know how many of you would be agreeing
The idea of it is really freeing
If you start seeing what I’m seeing
Of course, that’s just my opinion
There’s a lot of better things to do by the billion
Than being a slave to a minion
I want something better than this routine 9 to 5
Something different to make me feel greatly alive
Something to put me on the right road and make me wanna drive
Give me a different reason to survive
I don’t care about the money or the fame
On the contrary I think both are lame
For my life I have a different aim
As for purpose, I’m still trying to find some
But all the stress of 9 to 5 has me ready to succumb
I myself don’t even know what I’ve become
No wonder I feel so damn numb
This weekly routine
Has done some damage to my spleen
All for what? Some damn paper green?
Why did I think it would make a difference as a teen?

Routine 9 to 5
I wanna ask you Does it make you feel alive?
I’m pretty sure your waiting for your retirement to arrive
Wash, rinse and then repeat
I don’t wanna get off my damn bed sheet
Make it worthwhile so I can get on my feet
I don’t want to go through this cycle day by day til I’m obsolete
Routine 9 to 5
I wanna ask you does it make you feel alive?
In what way is it making you thrive?
You don’t have to be me
Its so simple to see
So start forgetting about that shopping spree
There’s gotta be something better to do
That would only seem exciting to a few
Which someone knew
Til then ill be stuck in this loop
Wanting to snoop
At the better option to recoup
Because, this is just insanity
Working for materialistic vanity
This slavery to a job, the inhumanity!
Routine 9 to 5
Routine 9 to 5
Routine 9 to 5
I’m here to keep your manipulation alive!


@Woco21 love this song

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Glad you like it, even as simple as it is. Thank You!


Time to go back to my 3rd Mixtape, it is one of the shorter mixtapes I have done as it only contains 6 songs along with a hidden track.

The next song is “Chain Letter”, pretty sure everyone by now knows what a chain letter is. In this song I talk about not going by societal expectations and chasing your dreams, even if they seem silly to others. There’s also some references to existence itself in the song. So here you go guys:

Chain Letter:


Warning! Do not read
You have now read it, so you will need
To pass on this message, agreed?
Strive to make yourself better
Chase your dreams, go get her
Don’t become the victim of a chain letter
Living to everyone’s expectations
Will consume you alive, depicting frustrations
As per my observations
Utter fascination
To what is portrayed as aspiration
For a life of happiness, is pure manipulation
Out through a hole
Immediately a lost soul
Every aspect of your life they try to control
Go to school
Graduate, use this “knowledge” as a tool
Procreate, further expand your gene pool
Buy a house
Trapped like a mouse
In debt, because this is what the rule allows
Work to retirement
Find out a lot of savings is a requirement
Nothing but time wasted in this environment
Six feet under
Now you can’t even wonder
Or hear the delicate sound of thunder
Rinse and repeat
Starting from zero again, delete delete
No memories or recognition of what just happened, what a cheat
Is life really supposed to be
About following a set of rules established for all of us to see?
Be what you want to be, but don’t pay the fee
Of wasting your life on something that won’t fulfill
That inner longing of finding meaning through skill
After all, we have free will
Or do we?
All that’s left is debris
History that we never see
As we never were witness
Of plagues and sickness
That shook the world as it is

Warning! Do not read
you have now read it, so you will need
To pass on this message, agreed?
Strive to make yourself better
Chase your dreams, go get her
Don’t become the victim of a chain letter
I mean, you can do your job passionately
Because of your love for it, not irrationally
Because eventually
You can see a difference
From the farthest of distance
But you must show resistance
For going or doing something only for green
This is what makes a person automatically driven, like a machine
No passion or love can be seen
If the focuses remain
On financial or superficial gain
Just to maintain
An overrated way of living
The idea doesn’t sound thrilling
Because it’s definitely not fulfilling
Don’t use your children as your meal ticket
Show them love, or eventually your home will be making the sound of a cricket
Dont over think it
It’s completely clear
Thinking like this can cause a simple fear
So tell me to which way will you steer?
The way of greed?
Or just live on with what you need
One road will impede
The other one will make you succeed
Trust this message to feel freed
To live a simpler life, please proceed

PS: I been wondering if you guys want me to list the titles of ALL songs recorded and I can have you choose which ones you would like to listen to? Organized by mixtape. I would cross out the ones that have been presented. Let me know guys and thanks again!


@Woco21 I am really impressed on this one. I can’t get enough of listening .I think i’m in Love LOL Love every word. You put me in another zone You are amazing!!! I am glad I met you.


Woow this is just sooo full of life this thread, busy trying to catch up with everything inhere but I must confess I am overwhelmed :joy: good that I have some days off to go trough everything inhere- cause it’s so worth it and a warm welcome back @purrfectlp - so great you are back after such a long time :grinning:


Glad that we could also interact Kathy and very glad you enjoy my stuff. It means a lot to me.

@theearlywalker yup, I went on full overdrive just pouring more music here. As I missed a couple of days and wanted to make up for them. and yes @purrfectlp, its good to interact with you again poopie. You should post here more for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

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Call me weird- but to me all this what happens here on the lpu is the pure and uniting power of Chaz - he is so with us :heart:


Definitely. His memory will always remind us that he wanted a better world. His words helped me heal and learn to love my imperfections. If it wasn’t for LP, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into writing music either as I didn’t have any interest as a teen. LP changed that for me, and I will always be thankful to them for their words.


@theearlywalker yes I totally agree

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