Technical Difficulties

So I signed up on the forums page and when I tried to log in on the regular LPU page it keeps telling me my e-mail address or username is invalid and I know it’s not, ‘cause I signed up with it. Any advice?

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@Eadward , somebody here is having the same problem as you!! :astonished:

@Pandemonium I think forum has still some problems after the migration in the LPU site…
I think it’s better to call the mods, maybe they know something more… @derek or @jFar920 please help! :hugs: :hugs:

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@lpfan61 thanks for the fast reply!
Is there any specific way for me to get in touch with the mods? I’m a bit new here.


Oh I see! Welcome on board! :smile:
You can’t send private messages to any users here, so you just have to wait for them to reply… :smiley:

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Ok then!
@derek or @jFar920 please send help!

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Did you get any emails from LPU after you signed up?

yes, I got the one confirming my account and then several others telling me when people reply to things

I don’t think the forum and main site are linked anymore, and the main site isn’t working when you try to create an account

do you think it will be fixed in the near future?

I haven’t seen an ETA, but I can reply again if I see anything

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Thank you, that would be helpful!