Tattoo of a Mando'ad in honor of Chester


“If my armour breaks I’ll fuse it back together”. Battle Symphony - Linkin Park.

I choose “armour” instead of “armor” because it is closer to the french word “amour”. :yellow_heart:
Never forget to fight.

#makechesterproud #linkinparkforlife


It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing :heart:

Nice tattoo I love that don’t forget to fight awesome :grinning:

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Thats an amazing tatoo! Love it. I’m now thinking of getting one like that. :heart::heartpulse:

I recently (about three weeks ago) got a similar one done at Club Tattoo in the Miracle Mile shops (Las Vegas). Mine has lyrics from Iridescent, but the font and placement are quite similar.

So, therefore, you have good taste. :wink: 66447558_10219817209769532_5672703791359590400_o
This photo is from “the morning after.” It’s basically healed now. Other than that “scaly” stage.


I love the infinity symbol in place of Chester’s “side” of the hexagon. That’s beautiful.

Hey! Thank you I love yours too! And trust me your gonna love it more and more with time, mine is part of me now and helps me a lot to stay motivated in my everyday life. :smiley:

That is funny to have quite similar one though haha.

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